ICUEE 2019, October 1-3, Louisville Kentucky


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Scanreco North America are exhibiting at North America’s largest utility & construction trade show, ICUEE 2019 in Louisville Kentucky, October 1-3.

“Most successful bauma ever!”


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During seven days in April 2019 more than 620,000 people visited the world’s leading trade fair for construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines, construction vehicles and construction equipment making it the most successful bauma ever. More than one third of the visitors came from other countries than Germany.

Also, for Scanreco the trade fair was a huge success. The Scanreco booth was doubled in size from previous bauma exhibitions and this really paid off. A record number of meetings with existing and future customers and partners took place and the interest for Scanreco products was at an all-time high. At the fair, Scanreco for the first time showed the coming new G6 product line, and some of the unique features that comes with it, something that generated a lot of interest and curiosity.

“Although we just offered a little sneak peek of our new G6 product line, the interest and the comments it generated makes us even more confident it will be a huge success when it is released”, says Magnus Lundgren, SVP Sales & Marketing at Scanreco.

“Bauma is the most important trade fair for us. It is a window where we can effectively showcase our solutions and meet future customers that otherwise are hard to find. We had a lot of high-quality meetings with real decision makers and it was obvious that that the high interest and respect for our products is real. Everybody who is anybody in our business was there and it feels like we met most of them, a truly successful week”, says Magnus Lundgren.

Scanreco fighting fires in Korea


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Korean fire fighters are changing the way they fight fires, and the way they do it is by using radio remote controls.

Fire fighter often faces difficult conditions when working in cities and urban surroundings. In Korea this often means narrow roads and plenty of obstacles to overcome before a normal fire truck can reach the fire. This of course severely impacts effectiveness during the crucial first stages of the fire extinguishment.

To increase effectiveness of Korean firefighting, the Korean Fire Fighting Bureau has asked the fire truck manufacturers to design an improved fire truck with faster reaction time, a slender and smaller body size while at the same time ensuring solid firefighting ability.

To achieve this, changes to the trucks must be made. Due to size a truck cabin cannot be used, instead the operator must operate the fire truck using radio remote control. As a solution to this challenge, Scanreco together with its Korean distributor KOPENN ENG introduced the Scanreco color display model to the fire truck manufacturer EVERDIGM.

Through the color display the operator effectively can see every status of the bucket boom in which fire fighters are riding. After extensive and successful testing EVERDIGM could launch its fire truck, operated with a Scanreco remote control, which meet all necessary standards. The new truck was launched at the large firefighting exhibition in Korea.

“This application is important not only for the narrow fire fighter truck market but also, we have proved that Scanreco products can meet almost every customer’s requirements and that our robust design can appeal to every construction machine manufacturer in Korea”, says Seungwon Cho, CEO of KOPENN ENG.

Congratulations Faber-Com - 30 years


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Faber-Com, one of Scanrecos closest partners, is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Founded in March 1989, it is still run by the founder and owner Mr. Marco Magnani.

From the beginning, Faber-Com has specialized in the production and development of integrated control systems for mobile hydraulic machines, including joysticks, electronic control cards such as proportional regulators, load limiters and stabilizer controls, inclination sensors and cable remote controls.

In 1999, Faber-Com started its close and long-lasting cooperation with Scanreco and in 2012, this partnership was further strengthened by the founding of Scanreco South Europe, which is located on the same premises as Faber-Com.

“We have a long history and a very strong and successful partnership with Faber-Com and the team. Since the start of our cooperation together we have developed more than 3200 different customized versions of radio remote Controls”, says Björn Askestig, co-founder of Scanreco.

Today, Faber-Com has 35 employees, an overall turnover of more than 14M € and export their products to more than 50 countries worldwide.

Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success. It’s been a pleasure working with you these past 20 years. So, congratulations on your company’s 30th anniversary!

Agritechnica 2019, Hanover/Germany 10-16 November


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Scanreco Germany are exhibiting at Agritechnica 2019. Hall 24 – stand 25.

The new G6. See it at Scanreco. Bauma 2019. Booth A2. 143.


Scanreco AB makes a change among its distributors in Norway.


From March 1, 2019, Danfoss Power Solutions will no longer be a distributor in Norway for Scanreco’s products. Instead, new and old customers are referred to BT Hydraulikk.

BT Hydraulikk can be reached at, and by telephone at +47 95031359.

Huge pile gripper frame for construction of offshore wind farm


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The 400MW Veja Mate offshore wind farm in the North Sea is, with its production of approximately 1.6 TWh per year, among the largest offshore wind farms in the world.

At the time of construction of the wind farm, Doedijns was awarded the purchase order for the hydraulic and electrical system which offers a large pile gripper frame a reliable and accurate control of placing the foundation pile of the wind turbine correctly.

The finished frame, weighing 625-tons, was then raised on board Seajacks Scylla, the world’s largest wind turbine installation vessel. Its first assignment was the installation of 67 monopiles, each weighing more than 1,300 tons, at the Veja Mate wind farm.

For positioning and control of the 1400-ton capacity gripper frame, a remote control from Scanreco was used.

It works as a hand holding a nail in place to hammer in a beam. The Scanreco remote control worked beautifully for this application and everybody was very happy and proud of how the gripper frame turned out.

G1 – an era has ended


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In 1991 the first G1 unit left Scanreco. It wasn’t Scanrecos first receiver. The G1 unit was an improved version of the original, G0. Technically improved and maybe more importantly, the G1 was a receiver separated from the rest of the system which meant that it was a lot more economic to service and fix. Compare it to a car, if the wheel goes flat you don’t have to replace the whole car.

The G1 was produced between 1991 to 2008. It was constantly improved over the years and from 1999 it was used together with the Maxi transmitter.

“The G1 unit really opened our eyes for the truck mounted cranes segment of the business. A segment that became the backbone of Scanreco. Although it feels a bit sad to now finally say goodbye to the G1, it is also a testament to the remarkable evolutionary journey Scanreco has made since the introduction of G1”, says Björn Askestig, VP, founder and partner of Scanreco.

The serial delivery of G1 ended in 2008 so it is the final spare parts that are now leaving the shelves. The main reason for the discontinuing of G1 was problem sourcing aluminum-casings. Also, the G1 had hole mounted components, as opposed to today’s systems that are SMD-mounted. G1 was replaced 2009 by the more modern G2/G3-receiver-family.

“The G1 was a very successful product worldwide. It made us a truly global player in this business. However, problems procuring materials and parts from our suppliers along with the fact that we ran out of ID codes for the system finally led us to the decision to stop production”, Björn continues.

In the 28 years the G1 was produced more than 150 000 units were sold worldwide, mainly to Palfinger, HMF, Fassi and also Effer and PM through Fabercom and our network of distributors.

Great success at World of Concrete 2019


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World of Concrete 2019 was a great success for Scanreco North America. The show was held at the Las Vegas convention center. To maximize Scanrecos presence at the show, both booth space and staff members attending the show was increased.

The fair received a large number of attendees and as usual, most of the attendees were operators and concrete placement companies. Many of our current customers reported they had a very busy week.  In rough estimates more than a third of the attendees were from Latin America and Mexico, with Mexico representing a large portion of the foreign attendees.

Of all the radio controls presented by the equipment suppliers, Scanreco staff felt we represented 50 percent or more of the radios at the show. This number was a marked improvement over years past.  The increase shows the great work of our sales and applications staff this past year.

A highlight of the show was the ACPA’s (American Concrete Pumping Association) new concrete pump training simulator, made by CM Labs. The simulator is a 3D Virtual Reality Training software utilizing a real Scanreco remote control. Scanreco’s Chris Vandermeer was approached by CM Labs this past summer and worked closely with them to provide our remote for the unit. CM labs sold several simulators at the show and will be using our remotes as a standard in the package.

Although the North American construction market appears to be declining in recent months, many of the larger OEM’s we meet during the week, said they expect sales to equal 2018.  Many have started the year off with a very large back order. Therefore, as in years past, World of Concrete was a great kick-off to a new year with everyone looking forward to a great 2019.

hi Tech & Industry Scandinavia 2019, October 1 - 3, Herning Denmark


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Scanreco Denmark are exhibiting at hi Tech & Industry Scandinavia 2019 in Herning Denmark

Transport 2019, March 21 - 23, Herning Denmark


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Scanreco Denmark are exhibiting at Transport 2019 in Herning Denmark

SIMA, 24 - 28 February 2019, Paris


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Our partner HAWE Hydraulik France  are exhibiting at Sima in Paris.

Booth: 4 K 062

Bauma, April 8 - 14, 2019 Munich


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