A smooth manufacturing machine


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– I strongly feel that the operations department is now on the move.  We have had a few quite major tasks on our plate with the office relocation and the change to our new ERP system, but as we are now in place in our new office in Sätra, we can today focus solely on our day-to-day performance, says Staffan Zetterström, VP Operations.

A highlight to mention is that we have a much better grip on our internal production quality. It is a slow mowing process but today after two years of efforts from our production engineers in combination of focusing on education and the supplier claim process, we are in a much improved position.

We have achieved a number of records during the last 12 months and I am especially pleased that Scanreco’s production and delivery capacity are now exceeding 1000 systems per week, this in respect to our old capacity of some 400 systems per week, is a significant positive step in the right direction.  It is quite impressive as we have gone from person oriented information flow to a new level of system control.  Using a modern system such as Dynamics AX, we have much better control as it is giving us better facts for decision-making and process development.

Most important of all, we have been focused on adding critical competence and filling in the gaps and I feel that the Ops team is now complete. We have reached a full organization and the result of the team looks very promising. We have now a whole new set of reporting, KPI´s, and follow-ups that are in place while we increase the speed of our internal and external process development.

– Another recent important aspect is that we are meeting customers to a higher degree and this is enabling us to fully understand the prerequisites required by our customers and the market in general allowing us to better stream line our processes in order to further increase our service level to our customers, concludes Staffan.