Quality starts from within

As our R&D department continuously evolves our product road map, quality is built into the very core of the process. It is essential to understand future needs in the market and to predict the correct quality expectations. Our products must deliver Never-Stop Technology, but at the same time, clients demand competitive solutions that are cost-effective. This makes it even more important to make the right decisions from the very beginning of the process.

As a guideline it simplifies design, production and the way we deliver products, as well as promising easy maintenance and efficient aftersales. Quality starts from within sets our standard. Our customers should always expect the right solution to their needs – designed, produced, delivered and maintained as efficiently as possible.

Testing, testing, testing – the heart of our development

Our test procedures are constantly evolving in our in-house laboratory. We are certified in accordance with EN ISO9001:2015, but that is only a starting point. Our quality work goes beyond that. Certain tests are done automatically, others manually. It is always a matter of what we are testing and how complex the tests are. In addition to in-house testing, the product is subjected to third-party testing by accredited laboratories to independently ensure our quality standards.

In daily use, our products have to work whether it is a freezing cold day in January, a hot, damp day with unrelenting sunshine, or non-stop rain that pours down your neck and into every part of your gear. We call this Never-Stop Technology and our commitment to quality is the cornerstone of our company.

That is why our products are rigorously tested to handle extreme environments involving extreme temperature changes, shock and vibration, electromagnetic disturbances, dust and water, and to ensure reliable and consistent performance while meeting the industry’s international norms and directives. Trust and quality is the essence of Scanreco.

Audits are the best way to strengthen quality

Quality is a never-ending process, and we encourage our clients to audit our activity. It is a good way of building mutual trust and a key to constant progression. We develop, in partnership with our clients, levels of quality according to their future demands. Audits play an important part in validating and strengthening quality, and they are beneficial to both us and our clients.