“I rely on Scanreco Never-Stop Technology™.”

Börje Ceder, knuckleboom crane operator

Satisfying our customers

The demands of our customers differ. Scanreco has something to offer both our distributors and our OEM customers. What our clients have in common is a desire for quality products that meet their high performance expectations. We take pride in delivering ease of use from a technical viewpoint, of course, but more importantly as a partner and supplier who listens to your needs. We are confident in our ability to deliver high-quality professional radio remote control systems – that is what we do, or as we like to say: Quality starts from within.

Large-scale delivery

Scanreco has a solid reputation for delivering efficient hi-tech radio remote control systems in large volumes on a global scale. That is why many of the largest international crane and machinery manufacturers have selected Scanreco as a partner. We develop customized systems in seamless integration with their equipment and in accordance with their specific requirements. Customizations are offered either as an adaptation to one of our standard products or as a new product development project. We develop systems and products that make cranes and machines more intelligent, reliable, and productive – enhancing them to fulfill the needs of the market and customer – succeeding in gaining market share together and growing in close collaboration with our customers.

A global presence

As a global company, Scanreco has a continuously expanding network of distributors in every part of the world. We continue to grow through collaborations and new subsidiaries. It gives us input, knowledge, and understanding from different markets and segments. Their expectations and demands help us develop the radio remote control solutions of the future.

In order to support a diversified global market, we have made sure to have the full range of national approvals required. We know that local frequency demands vary and that is why we support all common frequencies, including 433 and 915 MHz and the latest 2.4 GHz. – and wherever needed we have adapted to local frequency requirements.

Environmental conditions vary from the hottest days in Australia to a freezing cold night in Alaska – and as a global supplier we have to consider all kinds of temperature extremes, heavy rainfalls, and high concentrations of micro particles. We have tested and approved our equipment in all kinds of situations around the globe so that you can always rely on Never-Stop Technology from Scanreco.