High pressure for longer life span


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Conjet develops robots for removal of damaged concrete with high pressure water. The robots can also be used for surface preparation as paint removal. Removal of concrete is mostly done between 1000-1600 bar and with a flow of 250 – 150 liters per minute, for surface treatment the pressure used is up to 3000 bar and less water. Compared to a standard domestic pressure washer used at home that operates at a pressure of 100-150 bar.

Conjet’s technology uses the tensile strength in the concrete when the concrete is removed compared to the conventional jackhammers that uses compressive strength to remove the concrete. In other words, no cracks are created in the remaining structure while that is done with the jackhammers. Further, the removal is done without damaging the reinforcement bars.

“Our technology increases the life of the concrete structure by up to 3-4 times. This means a lot for the infrastructure, saving both money and the environment. Even though our technology involves some higher costs initially, it pays off several times over the life span of the structure”, says Lars-Göran Nilsson, Executive Vice President Marketing and Sales at Conjet

In 2011 Conjet started its collaboration with Scanreco.

“It was mainly the good response from the people at Scanreco and the design of the products that made us choose Scanreco. They have an open software to program both monochrome and color display, which means that we own and can further develop the operator interface without being in the hands of the provider of the radio control. Also, Scanreco Design Center enables us to offer our customers customized solutions, even in small quantities. Now we look forward to the implementation of the large color screen that Scanreco launched and their new lithium battery”, Lars Göran Nilsson continues.

Conjet has its head office in Sweden, but about 80 percent of sales are on the international market, especially in Europe and North America. The company’s turnover is approximately 30-35 million Skr annually. As the equipment is rather capital intensive, majority of the sales are to the industrial countries due to their high labor costs. The growth of sales to developing countries is not as high although the technology is getting more and more accepted since removal of concrete with high pressure water is so harmless that it maintains the remaining structure in good condition and consequently increases the life span of the structure.