Never-Stop Technology™

The secrets of Never-Stop Technology™

The core of Scanreco is safety and reliability. Having sold more than 400,000 units over the years, most of them still in operation, our concept has clearly been proven. Our products are made for heavy usage and we know that our customers rely on our ability to deliver functionality they can trust, a feature that we call Never-Stop Technology from Scanreco.

Robust protection

From the very beginning we realized that high concentrations of micro-particles and water in all forms were critical issues to tackle, consequently, we have from day one potted our circuit boards with a protective seal. This protects the heart of the system in a unique way so that you can rely on our professional radio remote control system, day and night, regardless of the conditions.

Built to withstand vibration

Heavy vibration is a huge challenge that may be introduced from the road or from the machine itself, as seen in many extreme applications, such as pile driving machines and demolition equipment. The solid construction of Scanreco radio remote controls is continuously tested to deliver Never-Stop Technology in all respects – and vibration is a fundamental challenge that Scanreco radio remote controls have to address.

A minimum of access points

The molded seal protection minimizes common problems that arise from having several access points to the circuit board. Through elaborate design, we have minimized the use of open access points and the physical connections are thoroughly embedded to support our Never-Stop Technology.

High-quality elements

The various components of Scanreco radio remote controls have been reviewed and selected to ensure hassle-free operation for many years. Our Never-Stop Technology is reflected in every detail, which ensures a long and reliable life for our products with minimal disruptions to the user.

Easy to handle and an ergonomic design

The ergonomic design has been developed for professionals who use our products day in and day out. The controls are sized and carefully positioned to be as convenient as possible and support heavy usage for many hours without causing operator fatigue. Several different ergonomic carrying devices are available to accommodate different operator preferences and working situations.

Frequency-hopping technology

When working in challenging environments where many different radio systems are running simultaneously, automatic frequency hopping allows continuous operation free from interference for the user. As a result, the Scanreco equipment works smoothly and without interruption. That’s another way of delivering our Never-Stop Technology.

Works even without battery

If the battery no longer supplies power for any reason, there is another way to support Never-Stop Technology. Connect the transmitter and the receiver via a cable and you can work as long as you need uninterrupted.

Maintenance that works

With Never-Stop Technology, we try to avoid all aspects of unplanned downtime, but if something unexpected happens, our products are designed to be easily replaced with minimum interruption. No need for complicated programming or reinstallation, replace the damaged part and you’re up and running. A built in error log and display will facilitate troubleshooting if needed. Smooth and easy.

Extreme temperatures

The cold, harsh winters in Sweden, our homeland, led us to design products that thrive in sub-zero temperatures. However, the majority of our products are exported so we have made sure that these products also excel in the hottest locations around the globe.

Electrical protection

The connections on the receiver unit are protected against short circuits and transients. The receiver will temporarily go into hibernation in case of external machine faults. Once the cause of the fault has been rectified, the receiver will automatically restart itself in a failsafe mode.