SIMA, 24 - 28 February 2019, Paris


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Our partner HAWE Hydraulik France  are exhibiting at Sima in Paris.

Booth: 4 K 062

Bauma, April 8 - 14, 2019 Munich


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World of Concrete, January 22 - 25, Las Vegas


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Scanreco North America  are exhibiting at World of Concrete in Las Vegas.

Booth: N2463

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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Distributors Meeting 2018 in Stockholm


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Scanreco conducted a major event for its distributors on September 18-19. The meeting was held in Stockholm and included information from Scanreco’s owners and the company’s focus on improved marketing and product range. About 40 of Scanreco’s partners and distributors took part in the very successful event.

For two full days, the participants were given the opportunity to network and exchange experiences with colleagues from other countries and markets, exchange advice and success stories, and get an understanding of Scanreco’s vision of the future. The participants also got a good insight into Scanreco’s production work and learned more about the extensive quality assurance work that is always in progress.

“Historically, Scanreco has mainly been a provider of wireless remote-control for major OEM customers. Of course, this will always be an extremely important market to us. But to further grow our business and develop our product portfolio, we must also increase our efforts on other markets. Therefore, cooperation with our distributors is becoming increasingly important and we are now stepping up our efforts on improving our offer and our support for this part of our business”, says Magnus Lundgren, VP Sales & Marketing at Scanreco AB.

An important part of Scanreco’s continuous development work consists of input from distributors and partners.

“Every day they are at the forefront of their different markets. They are the firsts to pick up on trends and new customer demands, this is invaluable to us and will of course be of benefit to all our customers”, Magnus Lundgren continues.

New technology for easier harvesting


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Danitech, together with Fabercom, has developed a tracked harvester for harvesting flower bulbs. Since it is a tracked machine, the normal way to control this kind of machine is with two linear proportional levers, one lever for each track.

During harvesting, the customer often requires a cruise control function, to free his hands to be able to control the rest of the machine. In this cruise control mode, the speed of both tracks is regulated with one potentiometer. Both hydraulic valves are powered with the same current to send equal flows to both motors for the machine to go straight.

But also, during harvesting, the operator might want to make small curves or corrections.

Therefore, each pwm (pulse width modulation) output can be adjusted, from the cruise control potentiometer to each track, with an additional corrective value, from either the left or the right linear proportional lever.

On top of the potentiometer (cruise control) signal there is the possibility for a corrective signal from the left or right linear lever, either plus or minus, that enables the left or right track to go faster or slower. By doing so the operator can slow down or increase the speed of the individual tracks, making a curve, while the cruise control mode is maintained.

The corrective signal is not only proportional to the linear lever proportional value, but also proportional to the actual value of the potentiometer controlling the speed. This ensures that during all speeds, fast or slow, corrections are proportional to both speed and the corrective value of the linear lever.

“We have put the machine into work this spring and after some small adjustments the operator is really happy with the control,” says Folkert Stegenga, Project engineer at Danitech.