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Our partner Technotrade is exhibiting at BRNO Fair. Visit Technotrade at the fair to see our products and to get to know our partner.

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SPD is expanding with Scanreco


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SPD, Scandinavian Pile Driving AB, converts digging machines into drill rigs. Since 2002 they have used Scanreco’s solutions to remote control their rigs. SPD produces approximately 30 rigs per year. and now they have started an international expansion where Scanreco’s global presence is an advantage.

“We’ve been using Scanreco Radio Remote Controls for many years, we started all the way back in 2002. Their quality – that it always works – is outstanding.”, Magnus Andersson, CEO at SPD starts.

“Before we had an extra display in the cab of the digger. But since we started to use the new color display on the Maxi remote control we decided that it was no longer needed.”, Magnus declares. “We have a strong bond to our distributor HydX, that supplies us with Scanreco’s technology. They also use the Scanreco Design Center to tailor-make the layout of the remote control, which gives us an ability to adapt them to our needs.”

“As we now are a part of the German ABI Group, we will start producing drill rigs from the brand Interoc here in Sala, Sweden, where we also will install Scanreco Radio Remote Controls.”, Magnus concludes.

Jason Looman is the new President of Scanreco North America


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Jason Looman, new President of Scanreco North America.

Scanreco has hired a new President for its North American operations. The previous President, Magnus Friberg, moves on but stays on the Board of Scanreco North America which gives some continuity.

Our new President, Jason Looman, has extensive experience from the OEM industry. Previously he served as President at German Steinert for nine years. Prior to that he had an active role in starting up the operations of HBC Radiomatic in the United States.

“I have followed the business lately and I’m impressed by the way the Scanreco product line has evolved and I understand that the clients appreciate the reliability and the flexibility.” says Jason.

“It’s a growing industry in North America. To me the ability to be part of a growing business is maybe what I find most thrilling. That’s our challenge and what I really find interesting.”, he continues.

“When I left the industry ten years ago, we had to persuade people that we had a better solution. It’s not like that now. It’s more about increasing the distribution, improving our training and service capacities – and to step up the sales. We need to expand the sales team, and I’m looking forward to being a part of our great team.”, Jason ends.

Scanreco at Agritechnica 2017


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Scanreco at the German exhibition Agritechnica.

In November Scanreco attended the international trade fair Agritechnica in Hannover, Germany. It’s a enormous event for the agricultural and forestry machinery business with approximately 450 000 visitors in one intense week.

“This was our first time at Agritechnica and it has been inspiring to be part of this”, says Bernd Mayr, Sales Director Germany, Scanreco.

“Our products have begun to be familiar to the Farmers Cranes segment. They have shown a big interest and we have had discussions with companies from many countries, several from Estonia and Austria, for example, that we will have a continued dialogue with.”, Bernd continues. “The German market is developing well, our sales have increased. It’s a mix of existing OEM’s buying more and an increasing interest from new contacts and segments that are helping us to grow.”

“The forest industry for example uses small winches to pull out trees from the forest, where our products offer a perfect solution. Slope mowers are another application that are allowing us to deliver interesting solutions.”, says Bernd.

Super-Fast Forward in Denmark


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Brian Justesen, centre, with members of his Danish dream team.

In the 5 years since Scanreco Denmark began, they have shown exceptional advancement of their business.

– Since we started, the business has been in constant growth, says Brian Justesen, CEO of Scanreco Denmark. It’s tough competition but we have worked hard and are now close to a 40% market share in professional radio remote controls for mobile devices in Denmark.

– Today we are seven employees, and we have been focused on visibility in the market where frequent customer visits and an active approach has made the difference. Last month we were awarded the Gazelle prize of Børsen, the leading business paper. This award is in recognition of especially fast-growing companies, and of that I’m very proud, Brian continues.

– Also, on the 1st of September, we celebrated our 5 year anniversary as a company – the same day as we moved in to our brand new office that gives us ideal conditions for future growth. If you are passing by please come and visit and enjoy our fabulous roof top terrace with a magnificent view of the sea, concludes Brian Justesen.

Scanreco’s first patent solves a challenging task


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Axel Svensson and Vedran Sikiric were a part of the team that developed the innovative pushbutton for the Rocket Flex.

When Scanreco developed the compact Rocket Flex transmitter there was a need for extremely compact two-step pushbuttons that didn’t exist in the market. And it wasn’t only a matter of being a low cost, small, sealed, tactile feedback solution. The Rocket Flex also needed the ability to position several pushbuttons close to each other, a challenge that needed a multidisciplinary team to succeed.

– We struggled in the beginning, says Vedran Sikiric, electronic engineer. Then we setup a broader team of competence, and gradually we began to collaborate in unconventional ways to find new solutions.

–The order in which we put the gold and the copper layers was critical to ensure durability for the 1 million presses these buttons can handle, his colleague Axel Svensson, mechanical engineer, fills in. It was about finding the weakest link and then using an analytical approach to find the optimum solutions.

It started with a conceptual idea and now it is a patent in both the EU and the US. It’s a proof of our saying the Quality starts from within. Without the invention of the pushbuttons the Rocket Flex could never has been as compact and durable as the final product.

Read the complete patent application here.