Scanreco’s first patent solves a challenging task


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Axel Svensson and Vedran Sikiric were a part of the team that developed the innovative pushbutton for the Rocket Flex.

When Scanreco developed the compact Rocket Flex transmitter there was a need for extremely compact two-step pushbuttons that didn’t exist in the market. And it wasn’t only a matter of being a low cost, small, sealed, tactile feedback solution. The Rocket Flex also needed the ability to position several pushbuttons close to each other, a challenge that needed a multidisciplinary team to succeed.

– We struggled in the beginning, says Vedran Sikiric, electronic engineer. Then we setup a broader team of competence, and gradually we began to collaborate in unconventional ways to find new solutions.

–The order in which we put the gold and the copper layers was critical to ensure durability for the 1 million presses these buttons can handle, his colleague Axel Svensson, mechanical engineer, fills in. It was about finding the weakest link and then using an analytical approach to find the optimum solutions.

It started with a conceptual idea and now it is a patent in both the EU and the US. It’s a proof of our saying the Quality starts from within. Without the invention of the pushbuttons the Rocket Flex could never has been as compact and durable as the final product.

Read the complete patent application here.