SDC – Customized remote-control solutions


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Scanreco Design Center (SDC) offers its customers completely customized remote-control solutions, both regarding design and function. Since we do everything ourselves, we can provide our customers custom solutions even in very small quantities.

“After we have considered our customers’ wishes and needs, we produce a draft of system proposals and suggestions on how the product should be designed. We then tailor this as to how their machines are designed and to the operator’s, user’s, preferences”, says Christian Ceder, SDC.

The customized product does not get unnecessary extras that are not needed, instead the hardware gets a seamless design. The software is customized to fit perfectly with the custom-made machine.

The Scanreco Design Center also has a professional HD printer, which makes all labeling accurate and exact. Regardless of order size, the same quality and customization is used as for large volume customers.

“This is very simple process for our customers. We have experts who are professionals on helping our customers create a turn key, plug and play solution”, Christian Ceder continues.

Delivery time for a tailor-made solution, from beginning to end, is usually four weeks. In Stockholm, four people on Application, another four on Assembly plus an illustrator works full time with this. Scanreco also have competence for this in North America and Germany.

What makes this unique customization possible is that Scanreco uses a modular system with modules adapted to different needs. These modules are then combined according to each customer’s unique needs and wishes.