SPD is expanding with Scanreco


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SPD, Scandinavian Pile Driving AB, converts digging machines into drill rigs. Since 2002 they have used Scanreco’s solutions to remote control their rigs. SPD produces approximately 30 rigs per year. and now they have started an international expansion where Scanreco’s global presence is an advantage.

“We’ve been using Scanreco Radio Remote Controls for many years, we started all the way back in 2002. Their quality – that it always works – is outstanding.”, Magnus Andersson, CEO at SPD starts.

“Before we had an extra display in the cab of the digger. But since we started to use the new color display on the Maxi remote control we decided that it was no longer needed.”, Magnus declares. “We have a strong bond to our distributor HydX, that supplies us with Scanreco’s technology. They also use the Scanreco Design Center to tailor-make the layout of the remote control, which gives us an ability to adapt them to our needs.”

“As we now are a part of the German ABI Group, we will start producing drill rigs from the brand Interoc here in Sala, Sweden, where we also will install Scanreco Radio Remote Controls.”, Magnus concludes.