Testing, testing, testing


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Never Stop Technology, Scanreco’s quality stamp, places high demands on the reliability and durability of our products. Therefore, we test our products very rigorously.

“All products delivered to customers, have first been thoroughly tested. The products are tested at different stages of the production process. Circuit boards and radio modules are tested separately in dedicated test systems and finally the finished assembled product is tested before and after conformal coating or potting. We have our own test systems installed with our subcontractors and we have a large cloud test report database that all test systems report to in real-time. Through this large database of test report, flexible analysis and statistics we can see real-time test results and statistics from our subcontractors and identify the problems that arise, often before they have noticed it themselves, and we can then effectively implement quality-enhancing measures, ” says Stefan Ledberg, Scanreco’s Test Manager.

Scanreco uses controlled radio performance testing where the systems experience an attenuated radio signal to simulate physical distance. This provides higher reliability compared to more manual tests.

Our large database resource means that all tests generate logs where we can go back and check all parts of production and testing, thus, Scanreco has eliminated most of the test errors due to the human factor by having automated test systems or predefined test sequences that control and force operators through testing where manual input is necessary.

Scanreco’s own test group consists of four people and is a sub-department of the development department.