The future is innovation


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Magnus Lundgren is a well-known face in the radio remote control industry. He has been at Scanreco for just over seven years but is a veteran in the industry.

“I came to Scanreco because it felt like an exciting and above all developing company. Growth has always been high and the pursuit of quality and reliability in everything that we make and produces attracted me of course. At the same time, development has never gone faster than now, which poses high demands on us as industry leaders. Our industry, previously seen as quite conservative, is now driven by high technology development. High-resolution screens, connected products, it’s a completely different industry today than 20 years ago. Between 1990 and 2010, not much happened. Then it was a ketchup effect”, says Magnus Lundgren.

“I am convinced that technology development will also create new business models. Instead of just being a link between the driver and the crane, the remote control may be connected to the customer’s business system and can help the customer create new revenue streams.

Competition is increasing and more and more companies want to establish themselves in this highly competitive market. Magnus has a clear image of the future market.

“We stand firm with a strong brand and excellent reputation. Our focus on tailor made solutions through Scanreco Design Center has proved to be a very successful strategy. We are one of the major companies in the industry, and I think that the smaller companies will struggle in the future. Financial muscles are a must to cope with the development costs that are required to survive in this industry. Our sales are constantly increasing and we always reinvest in new products, it’s a matter of survival. There is no other way forward than investing in innovation. We see the future with confidence”, Magnus concludes.