SPD is expanding with Scanreco


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SPD, Scandinavian Pile Driving AB, converts digging machines into drill rigs. Since 2002 they have used Scanreco’s solutions to remote control their rigs. SPD produces approximately 30 rigs per year. and now they have started an international expansion where Scanreco’s global presence is an advantage.

“We’ve been using Scanreco Radio Remote Controls for many years, we started all the way back in 2002. Their quality – that it always works – is outstanding.”, Magnus Andersson, CEO at SPD starts.

“Before we had an extra display in the cab of the digger. But since we started to use the new color display on the Maxi remote control we decided that it was no longer needed.”, Magnus declares. “We have a strong bond to our distributor HydX, that supplies us with Scanreco’s technology. They also use the Scanreco Design Center to tailor-make the layout of the remote control, which gives us an ability to adapt them to our needs.”

“As we now are a part of the German ABI Group, we will start producing drill rigs from the brand Interoc here in Sala, Sweden, where we also will install Scanreco Radio Remote Controls.”, Magnus concludes.

Jason Looman is the new President of Scanreco North America


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Jason Looman, new President of Scanreco North America.

Scanreco has hired a new President for its North American operations. The previous President, Magnus Friberg, moves on but stays on the Board of Scanreco North America which gives some continuity.

Our new President, Jason Looman, has extensive experience from the OEM industry. Previously he served as President at German Steinert for nine years. Prior to that he had an active role in starting up the operations of HBC Radiomatic in the United States.

“I have followed the business lately and I’m impressed by the way the Scanreco product line has evolved and I understand that the clients appreciate the reliability and the flexibility.” says Jason.

“It’s a growing industry in North America. To me the ability to be part of a growing business is maybe what I find most thrilling. That’s our challenge and what I really find interesting.”, he continues.

“When I left the industry ten years ago, we had to persuade people that we had a better solution. It’s not like that now. It’s more about increasing the distribution, improving our training and service capacities – and to step up the sales. We need to expand the sales team, and I’m looking forward to being a part of our great team.”, Jason ends.

Scanreco at Agritechnica 2017


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Scanreco at the German exhibition Agritechnica.

In November Scanreco attended the international trade fair Agritechnica in Hannover, Germany. It’s a enormous event for the agricultural and forestry machinery business with approximately 450 000 visitors in one intense week.

“This was our first time at Agritechnica and it has been inspiring to be part of this”, says Bernd Mayr, Sales Director Germany, Scanreco.

“Our products have begun to be familiar to the Farmers Cranes segment. They have shown a big interest and we have had discussions with companies from many countries, several from Estonia and Austria, for example, that we will have a continued dialogue with.”, Bernd continues. “The German market is developing well, our sales have increased. It’s a mix of existing OEM’s buying more and an increasing interest from new contacts and segments that are helping us to grow.”

“The forest industry for example uses small winches to pull out trees from the forest, where our products offer a perfect solution. Slope mowers are another application that are allowing us to deliver interesting solutions.”, says Bernd.

Super-Fast Forward in Denmark


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Brian Justesen, centre, with members of his Danish dream team.

In the 5 years since Scanreco Denmark began, they have shown exceptional advancement of their business.

– Since we started, the business has been in constant growth, says Brian Justesen, CEO of Scanreco Denmark. It’s tough competition but we have worked hard and are now close to a 40% market share in professional radio remote controls for mobile devices in Denmark.

– Today we are seven employees, and we have been focused on visibility in the market where frequent customer visits and an active approach has made the difference. Last month we were awarded the Gazelle prize of Børsen, the leading business paper. This award is in recognition of especially fast-growing companies, and of that I’m very proud, Brian continues.

– Also, on the 1st of September, we celebrated our 5 year anniversary as a company – the same day as we moved in to our brand new office that gives us ideal conditions for future growth. If you are passing by please come and visit and enjoy our fabulous roof top terrace with a magnificent view of the sea, concludes Brian Justesen.

Scanreco’s first patent solves a challenging task


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Axel Svensson and Vedran Sikiric were a part of the team that developed the innovative pushbutton for the Rocket Flex.

When Scanreco developed the compact Rocket Flex transmitter there was a need for extremely compact two-step pushbuttons that didn’t exist in the market. And it wasn’t only a matter of being a low cost, small, sealed, tactile feedback solution. The Rocket Flex also needed the ability to position several pushbuttons close to each other, a challenge that needed a multidisciplinary team to succeed.

– We struggled in the beginning, says Vedran Sikiric, electronic engineer. Then we setup a broader team of competence, and gradually we began to collaborate in unconventional ways to find new solutions.

–The order in which we put the gold and the copper layers was critical to ensure durability for the 1 million presses these buttons can handle, his colleague Axel Svensson, mechanical engineer, fills in. It was about finding the weakest link and then using an analytical approach to find the optimum solutions.

It started with a conceptual idea and now it is a patent in both the EU and the US. It’s a proof of our saying the Quality starts from within. Without the invention of the pushbuttons the Rocket Flex could never has been as compact and durable as the final product.

Read the complete patent application here.

Reflections on ICUEE 2017


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Scanreco participated in the International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE), also known as The Demo Expo in Louisville, USA the 3-5th of October. With its unique mix of utility professionals and construction contractors that demonstrate their solutions in job-like conditions, it offers deep insights of what’s going on in the market.

The Scanreco concept has, in a short period, become one of the most sought after professional radio remote control providers. With our robust system we have experienced a huge interest from various utility equipment providers of digger derricks, knuckle boom cranes, horizontal directional drilling, insulated aerial devices and much more.

– We had so many visitors in our booth that were interested in our Never-Stop Technology, says Bob Peddycoart, Sales Manager for the US market. It’s obviously a shift where our reliable system offers what many are searching for.

– Usually when you are in a mature market like the utility equipment market, it’s hard to get OEMs to shift suppliers, he continues. But Scanreco is changing that; we are doing a great job! And it’s the durability and reliability, what we call our Never-Stop Technology, which is the key.

– The market is changing and Scanreco is a part of that, Bob ends.

TRANSPORT.CH, November 16-19th, Bern, Switzerland.


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Our partner Hodel is exhibiting at TRANSPORT.CH. Visit Hodel at hall 4 to see our products and to get to know our partner.

Read more about the fair at www.transport-ch.com

For more information, please contact www.hodelbetriebe.ch

Agritechnica, November 12-18th, Hannover, Germany.


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Agritechnica, November 12-18th, Hannover, Germany.

Welcome to visit Scanreco at hall F, booth B13
Welcome to visit our partner IBL-Hydronic at hall 17, booth B55

Read more about the fair at www.agritechnica.com

For more information, please contact Scanreco

OFFSHORE ENERGY, October 10-11th, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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Our partner Doedijns is exhibiting at OFFSHORE ENERGY. Visit Doedijns at booth 1.067 A to see our products and to get to know our partner.

Read more about the fair at www.offshore-energy.biz

For more information, please contact www.dgi-company.com

Scanreco will exhibit at GIS in Piacenza, Italy, October 5-7th.


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Welcome to visit us at pavilion n.2, booth Q7

Read more about the fair at www.gisexpo.it

For more information, please contact Scanreco South Europe

Teknologia17, October 10-12th, Helsinki, Finland.


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Our partners HydroSystem & HYDX are exhibiting at Teknologia17. Visit them at booth 6h65 to see our products and to get to know our partners.

Read more about the fair at www.teknologia.messukeskus.com

For more information, please contact www.hydrosystem.fi or www.hydx.se

Scanreco will exhibit at ICUEE in Louisville, USA, October 3-5th.


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Welcome to visit us at booth 2319

Read more about the fair at http://www.icuee.com

For more information, please contact Scanreco

Scanreco will exhibit at HI in Herning, Denmark, October 3-5th.


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Welcome to visit us at booth E4200

Read more about the fair at www.hi-industri.dk

For more information, please contact Scanreco Denmark

BICES, September 20-23rd, Beijing, China


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Our partners Angmark/BRC are exhibiting at BICES. Visit Angmark/BRC at booth N4.127 to see our products and to get to know our partners.

Read more about the fair at www.e-bices.org/

For more information, please contact wutao@angmark.net

Never-Stop Technologies Inner Core – Reliable wireless control


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To many, radio remote technology seems simple. What they do not understand is that it is essential that you can rely on it. Always. It places great demands on the manufacturers. Their whole business is at stake if something goes wrong. Hence, Scanreco assures that we are in the very forefront of technology. We are one of the pioneers within the industry and a safe and reliable radio link has always been our biggest concern. That is also an important part in our promise for Never-Stop Technology. Products from Scanreco work – no matter what.

One of our experts in wireless technology, Dr. Andrei Sazonov, originally from Russia with a doctor’s degree in radio technology, guides us through the basics.

– “There are different aspects of reliability. Of course, the signal must work reliably between the transmitters and the receivers and, in the worst case, instantly stops everything if something unexpected happens,” Andrei starts.
– “However, the biggest issue is that a wireless control system almost never works alone. There are multiple appliances that use the same frequency bands, such as 2.4 GHz, 433 MHz and 915 MHz. This can cause interference that can stifle and block any “lower end” radio terminal and cause substantial performance issues,” says Andrei.

– “Scanreco use three important technologies that make performance issues unlikely to happen. Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) is a very robust technology against radio signal interferences. It is also a way of giving each pushbutton an encrypted bit stream. When the pushbutton is activated by the user to enable a machine function, the robust encrypted bit stream improves the resilience of the system. Thus, impairment of a few bits in the bit stream does not damage even a single bit in the key code,” Andrei explains.

– “Another solution that strengthens the reliability is Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS). This continuously switches the radio signal among at least sixteen frequency hopping channels as a layer of redundancy. It protects the equipment against frequency-selective fading and ensures an adequate signal-to-interference ratio in the midst of other aggressive wireless devices. The system avoids interferers by simply hopping to the next channel,” Andrei says.

– “The third solution is a proprietary collision avoidance algorithm. The different techniques combined guarantees sufficient signal-to-interference-plus-noise ratio and increases the system reliability and availability in the harshest radio conditions where stable wireless control of machinery is critical,” Andrei Sazonov finishes.

Never-Stop Technology is the expression for what to expect from products from Scanreco. A reliable wireless control system is at the heart of it.

The Next Generation at Scanreco – We offer young people a chance to try out working life


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– “For many years, we have given young people a chance to try  work life for a few weeks in the summer in Scanreco Next Generation,” explains Ann Lapidus, VP HR at Scanreco.

– “It is not easy to get a job during summer breaks and we find it very meaningful and a good way of contributing to our society. I think it is important to get an idea in the early years of what working life means. We offer adolescents between 16 and 19 years of age a summer job and this summer Scanreco will host 10 young adults,” Ann tells us.

Sofia Gomez and Gabriel Ousi are two members of Scanreco Next Generation.

– They do what they can do to contribute and also to learn, including simpler tasks constantly monitored by a sponsor often in the warehouse or production. They get a contracted salary and an opportunity to learn something everyone does not get a chance to do,” ends Ann Lapidus.

The new and improved Radio Equipment Directive (RED)


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On the 13th of June 2017, the new RED (Radio Equipment Directive) replaced the old R&TTE Directive (Radio & Telecommunication Terminal Equipment), implemented in 1999. Every company that produces equipment with a radio system is required to abide to the RED, Pär Ljunggren, Product Manager at Scanreco, helps us get it right.

– “It is important to understand that the RED covers only new products; spare parts for older systems are not affected. They follow the old directive. To Scanreco, this means that we will be able to support our legacy products, e.g. the G1 platform products” says Pär.

– “One focus point for RED is traceability, it enforces higher demands on all actors on the market (producers, distributors, integrators), to be able to trace all products under RED. Another difference is that from now on, the machine the radio is integrated with must follow the RED, which places new demands on many manufacturers and integrators.” he continues.

– “RED is a directive and an umbrella that points out several important standards that must be followed. Still every aspect is not covered; we are awaiting the final decisions. Hopefully, the last standard under RED will be approved in September 2017,” Pär explains.

– “What I am mostly concerned about is, of course, our products. Herein can ease any fears. RED does not mean any differences to our products themselves; they remain unchanged. With the same article number, nothing changes,” Pär Ljunggren finishes.

Demopark, June 11-13th, Hörselberg, Germany


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Our partner Dauner Antriebstechnik  is exhibiting at Demopark. Visit Dauner Antriebstechnik at booth H-806 to see our products and to get to know our partner.

Read more about the fair at www.demopark.de

For more information, please contact www.dauner-antriebstechnik.de

Elmia Wood, June 7-10th, Jönköping, Sweden


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Our partner HydX is exhibiting at Elmia Wood. Visit HydX at booth 605 to see our products and to get to know our partner.

Read more about the fair at www.elmia.se/wood

For more information, please contact www.hydx.se

NOR-SHIPPING, May 30 - June2nd, Oslo, Norway


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Our partner Danfoss Power Solutions is exhibiting at NOR-SHIPPING. Visit Danfoss Power Solutions at booth T02-14a to see our products and to get to know our partner.

Read more about the fair at www.nor-shipping.com

For more information, please contact www.powersolutions.danfoss.no

CONEX, May 24-27th, Gyeonggi-do, Korea


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Our partner Kopenn Engineering is exhibiting at CONEX. Visit Kopenn Engineering at booth E-111 to see our products and to get to know our partner.

Read more about the fair at www.conexkorea.org

For more information, please contact www.kopenn.kr

Kuljetus, May 18-20th, Jyväskylä, Finland


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Our partners Hydrosystem/HydX are exhibiting at Kuljetus. Visit Hydrosystem/HydX at booth C-417 to see our products and to get to know our partner.

Read more about the fair at www.kuljetusmessut.fi

For more information, please contact www.hydrosystem.fi

Building strength in North America


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– We have enjoyed solid growth in our business and it is clear that the way we service our clients with attention to details, responsiveness and quick lead times, combined with a deep technical competence is paying off, states Magnus Friberg, VP Scanreco North America.

– It is not only about our outstanding technology. It is also about the versatility of the products and being able to meet the unique demands of the various market segments requiring a radio remote control. We have been able to meet the requests from several new OEMs, to support them with their customers and improve their service handling. This makes us feel very comfortable with our products and our ability to meet customer requirements and our overall company service level, Magnus continues.

– We have now launched our new 4.3” Color Display for the Mini and Maxi transmitters at the Conexpo trade show in Las Vegas. This superior product has been very well received in other markets and it was also very well received here in Vegas and we are looking forward to offer this product to all of our customers and to the North American market.

Building a strong team

– I am very pleased and proud to announce the addition of Bob Peddycoart and Don Schneider to the North America team. Bob and Don both bring very strong mobile hydraulics and radio experience, and combined they have more than 40 years of experience in the Radio Remote Control segment. They will both be based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and will not just contribute with their competence, and experience,  but also provide a perfect fit to the Scanreco culture, adding to what we call ”quality starts from within,” concludes Magnus.

Scanreco on Conexpo, Las Vegas


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For the third time, Scanreco attended the exhibition Conexpo in Las Vegas. We had several very interesting meetings with distributors and OEMs. The interest level in our products was high and a positive sign of further expansion as Scanreco continues to keep setting its mark in the North American market.

SMOPYC, April 25-29th, Zaragoza, Spain.


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Our partner Hawe Hidraulica S.L. is exhibiting at SMOPYC. Visit Hawe Hidraulica S.L. at Hall: 3/Booth: 13-14 to see our products and to get to know our partner.

Read more about the fair at www.feriazaragoza.es/smopyc-2017

For more information, please Contact www.hawe.com/es-es

A smooth manufacturing machine


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– I strongly feel that the operations department is now on the move.  We have had a few quite major tasks on our plate with the office relocation and the change to our new ERP system, but as we are now in place in our new office in Sätra, we can today focus solely on our day-to-day performance, says Staffan Zetterström, VP Operations.

A highlight to mention is that we have a much better grip on our internal production quality. It is a slow mowing process but today after two years of efforts from our production engineers in combination of focusing on education and the supplier claim process, we are in a much improved position.

We have achieved a number of records during the last 12 months and I am especially pleased that Scanreco’s production and delivery capacity are now exceeding 1000 systems per week, this in respect to our old capacity of some 400 systems per week, is a significant positive step in the right direction.  It is quite impressive as we have gone from person oriented information flow to a new level of system control.  Using a modern system such as Dynamics AX, we have much better control as it is giving us better facts for decision-making and process development.

Most important of all, we have been focused on adding critical competence and filling in the gaps and I feel that the Ops team is now complete. We have reached a full organization and the result of the team looks very promising. We have now a whole new set of reporting, KPI´s, and follow-ups that are in place while we increase the speed of our internal and external process development.

– Another recent important aspect is that we are meeting customers to a higher degree and this is enabling us to fully understand the prerequisites required by our customers and the market in general allowing us to better stream line our processes in order to further increase our service level to our customers, concludes Staffan.

Scanreco will exhibit at Transport in Herning, Denmark, March 23-25th.


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Welcome to visit us at hall E, booth 5520

Read more about the fair at www.transportscandinavia.com

For more information, please contact Scanreco Denmark

Scanreco will exhibit at CONEXPO in Las Vegas, March 7-11.


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Welcome to visit us at stand G73103

Read more about the fair at: www.conexpoconagg.com
For more information, please contact: Scanreco

SIMA, February 26th – March 2nd, Paris.


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Our partners Hawe Otelec and HDS Mobile Solutions are exhibiting at SIMA. Please visit Hawe Otelec at booth: 3D028 and HDS Mobile Solutions at booth 4G062 to see our products and to get to know our partners. Read more about the fair at https://en.simaonline.com/