For over 35 years we have put people to the side.
What do you want to remote?

Scanreco dates back to 1984 when the company was first established in Södertälje, a city south of Stockholm, Sweden. One of our first tasks was to develop wireless point-to-point systems for the Swedish defense industry.

From an early stage we started replacing cable remote controls on truck/loader cranes and retrofitted them with radio remote controls. Soon we realized that no one had really explored this area and we began to focus on radio remote control systems for knuckleboom cranes and other mobile machinery.

Over the years more and more of the leading manufacturers have discovered our proposition – as an OEM partner delivering reliable and secure professional radio remote control systems for a variety of applications.

Today, you can find Scanreco products in every part of the world. Our global presence allows us to work with the world’s leading manufacturers.