Board and CEO

Börje Forsberg, Chairman of the Board

  • Age: Born 1950
  • How long on the board: 2010
  • Professional background : More than 40 years experience whereof 23 years of being managing director (latest as managing director of Nordhydraulic-Hydac), as consultant or employed, in different companies and type of businesses with the main tasks to increase productivity and profitability, establish growth and manage structural change. Now engaged as a management consultant for international business.
  • Other board assignments/other assignments: Experience of more than 20 board memberships in different type of businesses.

Björn Askestig, Executive Vice President, board member, owner and founder

  • Age: Born 1964
  • How long on the board: 1988
  • Active at Scanreco since 1988 with strategic sales/marketing and operational management.

Kaj Johansson, Deputy Chairman, board member, owner and founder

  • Age: Born 1963
  • How long on the board: 1988
  • Active at Scanreco since 1988 with strategic technology/product development and operational management.

Peter Lageson, President/CEO

  • Age: Born 1970
  • Member of the board since 2014, appointed President/CEO in April, 2020.
  • Professional background: Peter holds an MSc in industrial- and management engineering as well as a licentiate of philosophy in industrial marketing. Peter has been the CEO of CrossControl AB (today Maximatecc) developing and manufacturing highly advanced computers, control systems and related electronics for vehicles in demanding environments. Peter has also held the position as CEO of Nilar International AB and of SenseAir AB. Earlier, Peter worked as senior vice president and co-founder of IBX, a European purchasing solution provider, where he also started up IBX in several European countries. Prior to that, he was member of the global sourcing management team at Ericsson.