Clarification on name changes of Scanreco owned operations in North America


As of September 2020, the new legal name for Scanreco’s operation in Vancouver, BC, Canada is Scanreco Canada, Inc. and the new legal name for the operation in Cincinnati, OH, USA is Scanreco US, Inc.

The former name, Scanreco North America, may be used for indicating both locations in North America as a group, but will no longer be used in any legal or official connotation meaning only one or the other location.

When Scanreco’s operation in Canada was established 2011, the business name “Scanreco North America” was registered with the intention to make the Vancouver location into the head office of Scanreco’s operation in North America. Since then, the Cincinnati location opened in 2019 to support the North American markets of Canada, the US, Mexico and some of the South American region.

Scanreco made the decision to change the legal name Scanreco North America, Inc. to Scanreco Canada, Inc. and the one of the US location to Scanreco US, Inc. in order to clarify and arrange the locations under the parent company Scanreco AB, which resides in Stockholm, Sweden.

Scanreco AB also has subsidiaries in Germany (Scanreco Germany GmbH), local representatives in Spain and France and franchised operations Denmark (Scanreco Denmark ApS) and in Italy (Scanreco South Europe Srl).

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