G1 – an era has ended


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In 1991 the first G1 unit left Scanreco. It wasn’t Scanrecos first receiver. The G1 unit was an improved version of the original, G0. Technically improved and maybe more importantly, the G1 was a receiver separated from the rest of the system which meant that it was a lot more economic to service and fix. Compare it to a car, if the wheel goes flat you don’t have to replace the whole car.

The G1 was produced between 1991 to 2008. It was constantly improved over the years and from 1999 it was used together with the Maxi transmitter.

“The G1 unit really opened our eyes for the truck mounted cranes segment of the business. A segment that became the backbone of Scanreco. Although it feels a bit sad to now finally say goodbye to the G1, it is also a testament to the remarkable evolutionary journey Scanreco has made since the introduction of G1”, says Björn Askestig, VP, founder and partner of Scanreco.

The serial delivery of G1 ended in 2008 so it is the final spare parts that are now leaving the shelves. The main reason for the discontinuing of G1 was problem sourcing aluminum-casings. Also, the G1 had hole mounted components, as opposed to today’s systems that are SMD-mounted. G1 was replaced 2009 by the more modern G2/G3-receiver-family.

“The G1 was a very successful product worldwide. It made us a truly global player in this business. However, problems procuring materials and parts from our suppliers along with the fact that we ran out of ID codes for the system finally led us to the decision to stop production”, Björn continues.

In the 28 years the G1 was produced more than 150 000 units were sold worldwide, mainly to Palfinger, HMF, Fassi and also Effer and PM through Fabercom and our network of distributors.