Italian lift manufacturer chooses Scanreco


Amidst the corona-crisis putting a damp on most businesses worldwide, Scanreco goes against the stream and further strengthen its partnership with an Italian leading spider lift manufacturer, Platform Basket.

Although the application format is not new to us, we are proud to contribute to an upgrade of Platform Basket’s 13.80 spider lift by adding our G3 radio and Mini Transmitter with LCD display and customized switch-plates to it.”, Nicholas Torelli, of Scanreco South Europe says.

The remote control is situated in the basket of the lift, that is called 13.80 Pro, in a specially designed cradle. In the case of any controller battery issues it can be plugged into a spare connector below the cradle, to create a tethered controller. The new 13.80 Pro is equipped with Scanreco’s remote control system for all functions such as driving and outrigger set up. It also has a lower control panel with clearer, wider display and a more comprehensive diagnostics suite. From the remote control unit it is also possible to raise and lower the boom to go on trailer ramps.

The collaboration between Platform Basket and Scanreco South Europe is actually a long-term partnership that was established many years ago.

“We have a renewed and even stronger partnership between Scanreco and Platform Basket today” says Nicholas Torelli. “We are happy that Platform Basket took the decision to entrust us the development of the control system of their brand new tracked aerial platform (the 13.80 PRO)”.

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