Low attendance at ConExpo but not at the Scanreco booth


North America’s largest construction show was held last week. A somewhat different show this time, with many people and exhibitors pulling out last minute because of the coronavirus, but for Scanreco it was a success.

“Many of the attendees that came to see Scanreco did not just pass the booth but actually had us on a list of people to see.” Jason Looman, President Scanreco USA said after the show. “We had many pleasant meetings and discussions with old and new customers, and we had plenty of time to talk this time due to the lower attendance than usual.”

The show organizers, AEM, say they had a record number of attendees register but the crowds were definitely lower than usual, and many attendees seemed to cut their visit shorter than they usually do. Among those that were there, most people abided by the no shaking hands policy of the show, showing a great responsibility.

Unfortunately, as there were many companies pulling out of ConExpo this year due to the pandemic and as AEM shortened the show by one day most attendees had left by 2:00 pm on Friday. Several exhibitors closed their booth Thursday evening and skipped Friday entirely.

Despite all this, the show was actually another success for Scanreco with many interesting talks and discussions that we are now following up on! Thank you to everyone that came to see us!