G2 G3 updates

Achieve even more from the side

Scanreco products are made for long lasting heavy usage. Many of our products have become legends in the industry, serving on applications worldwide for more than 35 years. We are often the firsthand choice by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) regardless of application area.

Our customers rely on our ability to deliver functionality they can trust, a feature that we call Never-Stop Technology from Scanreco. We take it even further with these new features for the G2 G3 range so you can achieve even more from a safe distance:

  • Hand-held unit – Operate your machine with the Mini, Maxi or Rocket Flex transmitter, they all work with the G3 They also work together. (Rocket Flex was previously only available with the G5 receiver).
  • 2.4GHz – Allows for more radio systems to co-exist and with less disruption in a confined area. Up to 50% longer operational time than with narrowband technology. One frequency for multiple regions and 4 times faster graphics transferal.
  • Catch & Release – Collaborate with a colleague on the application using the Catch&Release function with the Mini, Maxi and Rocket Flex
  • Create the perfect display content – Rocket Flex+G3 are compatible with Scanreco Graphical Configurator letting you create your own content and to use the exact same display content for your belly-packs and hand-held units.
  • Multifunction joysticks – Optionable multifunction push button joysticks to make the Mini transmitter even more powerful.


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