G5 Receivers

The choice for digital applications

The G5 series of receivers include the choice of three different versions, depending on your requirements and the machine interface. The receivers are designed for applications requiring only digital on/off functionality.


The G5-R5/10 is our entry-level model with relay outputs. The receiver comes in two basic versions, either with 5 or 10 relays. The relay outputs are separated from the rest of the electronics in the receiver to create electrically isolated outputs. The maximum load for each output is 5A. At the connection terminals; normally open, normally closed and common connection points are available.


The G5-M19 is a receiver with 19 MOSFET outputs of which 14 can be configured as digital inputs. The maximum load for each individual outputs is 3A and the total load of the system is limited to 10A. The connections of the receiver unit are protected against short circuits and transients. Connections are made via two 12-pin Deutsch connectors.


The G5-CAN receiver is streamlined for all applications that only require a CAN interface. This is the perfect solution if a master controller is already present on the machine. As standard the receiver is delivered with the CANopen protocol. In addition to the CAN interface, the receiver is equipped with hardwired signals for the stop function.