Scanreco further strengthens presence in Benelux


Scanreco partners with new Dutch firm JG Controls in a step to further improve service and availability of Scanreco’s systems to crane and machinery manufacturers in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Jasper Gast JG Controls

JG Controls, founded by Mr. Jasper Gast, is the new Scanreco partner in the Benelux area. Mr. Gast, a former sales engineer of AMCA Hydraulic Fluid Power B.V., has vast experience from both Scanreco’s radio remote control systems and hydraulic solutions. He has worked with Scanreco products for over fifteen years and has deep knowledge of our different product series. JG Controls offers both standardized and customized Scanreco solutions in the Netherlands and Belgium.

“The closing of AMCA in the Netherlands gave me the opportunity to reconsider my options and possibilities. I want to continue providing Dutch and Belgian Scanreco customers with the service they require and deserve, and I am very motivated to do so in an even closer collaboration with Scanreco.” says Mr. Gast. “In the past I have contributed to Scanreco applications such as e.g. (extremely compact) drilling machines, CPT rigs, offshore winch applications and dredging barges.”

“We are very happy to partner with JG Controls”, says Magnus Lundgren, VP Sales&Marketing at Scanreco. “Mr. Gast has long and valuable experience of Scanreco systems, and he also understands the hydraulic parts that customers sometimes struggle with. He is known amongst customers and the industry to hold a high and qualitative service level to all customers.”

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