I don’t only influence the development of construction cranes and drilling rigs. I also have an influence over my working day.

What has made you stay with the same company for over 14 years? Cindy can cite several reasons. Plenty of variety, control over her work tasks and ongoing opportunity for personal development are three important factors.

When it comes to professional radio remote control, for instance in the construction or mining industry, quality and operational reliability are critical aspects that must never be compromised. Scanreco tests each component thoroughly to ensure it meets the tough requirements. Cindy and her colleagues develop equipment for testing circuit boards.

“We develop the test equipment at my department so that our subcontractors, who manufacture the circuit boards, can test their function,” she says.

She has been working with test equipment ever since joining Scanreco.

“My job is never boring. There’s always something happening, new products and new functions to test. And we’re continuously developing our test equipment.”

One thing Cindy enjoys is the enormous variety in her work.

“Although my job is focused on test equipment, it involves many different tasks such as programming, support, and frequent dealings with our subcontractors.”

Cindy graduated from Mälardalen University with an engineering degree specialising in electrotechnology. Scanreco was her first employer after graduating.

“I felt an immediate affinity with the company culture. Although we’re a world leader in our sector, we’re not a giant company. This means employees get a lot of responsibility right from the start. Scanreco is good at listening to what employees want, and I have a lot of freedom and personal responsibility in my job. This was particularly valuable when my children were small. Another big plus is our large, bright premises. In my department, we each have our own office and there is a large laboratory.”

Cindy enjoys the camaraderie at the company. For instance, a group of colleagues regularly meet to go running in the lunch break.

“We run six kilometres twice a week. Sometimes many of us go, sometimes only a few. But I always manage to get somebody to come along,” laughs Cindy.