I’m not only close to customers here.
I’m also close to home.

Luis Miguel sees many benefits of working as an application engineer at a slightly smaller company. In large organisations it’s hard to get an overview of what’s going on, and sometimes it can take several years before a product is released. You can easily lose touch with reality.

“I was attracted to Scanreco because although they’re not a huge company, they’re a world leader in radio remote control. I work close to our customers and have much more influence than I would in a large company. I like being able see the results faster,” he says.

Another thing that attracted him is the job’s proximity to home. He lives south of Stockholm and wanted to avoid driving through the whole city, for instance to get to Kista.

“There aren’t many high-tech companies south of Stockholm that conduct their product development and production under a single roof. Now I can drive to work quickly, often avoiding tailbacks.”

Luis, who is from Spain, first came into contact with Sweden as an electrical engineering student.

“I spent the final twelve months of my training on an exchange programme at Mälardalen University. I really liked Sweden, but moved back to Spain to start my career as an automotive application engineer.”

It was love that made Luis return to Sweden in 2007. He got a job at Tetra Laval and worked there for eight years. It was almost by chance that he joined Scanreco.

“I saw a job vacancy advertisement, and had actually never heard of Scanreco. But when I went for the interview, it just felt right. As an application engineer, I tailor our products to customer requirements. Many customers have specific needs in terms of functionality and visual appearance. It’s a fun and varied job where we work closely with customers to find the best solution.”