G6 Micro Transmitter

Power packed into a petite format

The Scanreco G6 Platform and G6 Micro Transmitter base suit most types of operator preferences, machines, applications and work environments where the small size and simplicity is preferred.

Micro features:
• Li-ion or NiMH batteries
• Multi Band or Single Band
• Operator Controlled Speed Reduction
• Accelerometer / Tilt sensor
• Vibrations and alarms
• Panel lights
• Auto-Off Timer
• LCD Information center
• Cable control
• IP65
• SIL3
• PLe

Made for me. Made by you.

The Scanreco G6 Platform was developed with real-life operators’ everyday performance in mind. It is packed with possibilities and offers complete design flexibility to fully meet machine owners’ developers’, and operators’ requests regarding design, ergonomics, performance, functionality, and safety. At the very core is your understanding for the operators’ daily work.

The G6 Micro is the smallest bellypack transmitter yet and is still as powerful as larger versions. All essential components fit in a customizable area and the side buttons may add extra features.

Your final G6 product is based on

  • The operator experience and reality. Who else knows better what works than the one who works with the machine day after day?
  • Scanreco’s online configurator. Design, iterate and test the system together with the machine developer, owner, and operator before it is put into final production.
  • SISP™ (Scanreco Integrated Safety Platform).

We dare say that every operator, regardless of industry, that receives a Scanreco G6 system will say: This system was Made for Me.


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