Radio control of autonomous HERO

Radio Control of Autonomous machines

Developing autonomous machines, you know that at some point it needs further instructions, e.g. to get it from point A to point B outside of its main operational field. A tablet or smartphone app may be top of mind. They may work well, until it comes down to functional safety and the demanding reality of weather, dirt, and human interaction with the self-moving machine, not to speak of accidentally dropping the control unit in the mud or on the concrete floor of the service hall – we have all been there with our phones and felt the agony of a broken device. A professional rugged remote control, developed for vehicles and heavy equipment on site will last those harsh environments.

Once you put the machine on the market, you have already gone through all the necessary testing and have all the approvals for what it is intended to be used for.

  • Did you include the remote control system?
  • Can you quickly put the machine to a halt if anything goes wrong?
  • Is your full application approved according to applicable standards?
Radio Control of Autonomous machines, Latency vs. Interaction

Direct Control

We understand that 5G is alluring for the controlling of autonomous vehicles and machines. There are however, unmatched advantages with “Direct Remote Control”. There are two main factors that demand different levels of control; one is latency, the other is user interaction:

  • Long latency and low user interaction might work with long distance remote control (5G).
  • High user interaction requires a well-defined and ergonomic remote control with a safe stop function.


We can also call this “guided autonomous”. It can, for instance, be a professional lawn mower that the operator drives to the working field, set the area to be worked on by geofencing, and then starts the machine.

This kind of application requires high user interaction and short latency until the machine is in place and “knows” what to do and its boundaries. The ultimate remote control can run several machines and the operator is acting as a process controller.


This type of control is an evolutionary progress that we can see on, for instance, drilling rigs.

The operator is in charge and the machine conducts semi-automated tasks. We can call it “remote assisted autonomy.”


You have a vehicle that moves hub-to-hub, but it needs assistance on, for instance, a construction site or at its service facility.


In for example a harbor, desk-controlled machines or cranes are common. Some movements can get critical and need an operator on site temporarily. The “spotter” takes over with a local remote control.

GUSS Precision Agriculture

Farming efficiency

Improved efficiency in farming

As the global population increases and resources become even more scarce, the need for efficient, cost-effective, and precise agricultural management is vital to meet growing food demand. Precision agriculture can help address these inefficiencies, reduce waste, and streamline production. Working closely with Scanreco’s longtime System Integrator, Hawe Hydraulik, on hydraulics and electronic controls, GUSS developed a system of controls and software that autonomously guide the vehicles row-by-row and apply water or herbicide with waste-reducing precision and accuracy. The result: 15% to 20% efficiency gain in acres covered.

The (not-so-secret) secrets of Never-Stop Technology™ by Scanreco

Protection against water, salt, sand and dust

From fishing ships at sea to agricultural sprayers in the field, Scanreco radio remote control systems are tough and built to withstand water, salt, sand, and dust ingress. Let’s face it, the last thing you want to experience is downtime due to water ingress. That is why the leading OEMs in maritime, agriculture and energy equipment depend on Scanreco for long-lasting remote-control solutions.

  • IP65 or IP67 on all products
  • Sealed circuit boards
  • Carefully chosen materials that withstand the elements

Built to withstand extreme vibration

Mobile hydraulic machines vibrate. Machines like stone crushers, horizontal grinders, and conveyors are MADE to vibrate, sometimes violently. Scanreco is the chosen radio remote control platform for mobile hydraulic machines that have the capability to grind concrete, stone, demolition debris, railroad ties, whole trees, pallets, storm debris, shingles, logs, stumps and even entire glass recycle containers.  With potted components selected for toughness and durability, our receivers sometimes outlast even the machines on which they are mounted.

  • Thoroughly tested for vibration in our laboratories
  • Extensive 3rd party testing
  •  IP65 or IP67 on all products

A minimum of access points

Although Scanreco has been a wireless innovator for nearly 40 years, wired connections for tethered control, firmware programming, control box cabling and antenna extensions are sometimes needed. However, we strive to keep wired connection points to a minimum and have designed and reinforced access points to curtail the ingress of water and dust.

  • Molded seal protections
  • Minimal access to circuit board
  • Embedded physical connections

High-quality components

Scanreco hardware components like joysticks, paddles, toggles, and buttons are designed for near constant use, day in and day out. Our testing facilities in Stockholm, Sweden include robotic usage simulators that activate these individual components thousands of times per day. Rest assured that the controls on  your Scanreco wireless system have the  capability to be pushed, pulled, or switched millions of times during their lifecycles.

  • Carefully selected components
  • Durability tested hardware
  • Replace components without machine downtime

Ergonomic design

Scanreco wireless radio transmitters, both belly packs and handheld units, are designed for operator safety and comfort (plus they look really cool too!). Nearly 40 years of radio remote control expertise and customer feedback has provided us with a unique perspective on the ergonomic design of mobile hydraulic remote controls. In addition, Scanreco-specific accessories enable operators to control equipment safely and comfortably all day long in harsh conditions.  Mini and Maxi options include neck straps, waist belts, and our ultra-comfortable aluminum carrying hook.

  • Ergonomic housing design – change positions as you go
  • Useful accessories made especially for Scanreco products available
  • Work with your distributor or Scanreco point of contact to find the right combination buttons, levers and joysticks for your needs

Wired tether control without batteries

Never-Stop Technology TM by Scanreco is just that: it enables you to finish the job even if your transmitter battery dies. Available only on our Mini and Maxi platforms, you can pop in a fully charged Scanreco battery or run the transmitter via tether cable for as long as you need while recharging.

  • Replacement batteries available through your distributor
  • Operate transmitter via cable
  • Available in 2 meter, 10 meter, and 30 meter lengths

Less downtime with quick fixes and replacements

What sets Scanreco apart from other remote-control manufacturers is our commitment to safety, reliability, ease-of-use, and service. In most cases, Scanreco enables you to replace individual system components and not have to retrofit an entire system. This allows you to:

  • Keep mission-critical operations running without costly delays and lead times
  • Reduce operating expenses
  • Keep spare parts on-hand for emergency replacement

Made for extreme jobsites and weather

Scanreco customers demand functionality with minimal failure in nearly all environments: wet, dusty, humid, salty, and extreme cold and hot temperature. From the frigid North Sea to the dusty Texas panhandle, Scanreco radio remote controls are designed to perform day-after-day.

  • Operational temperatures –25C to +70C (-4F to +160F)
  • IP 65 or IP67 on all products
  • Molded seal protection

Electrical protection

Every job site brings its own unique challenges and things that keep you up at night. Your Scanreco radio remote control should not be one of things you worry about. Although any machine can fail unexpectedly and cause damage to electrical integrations, rest assured that your Scanreco system is built to survive catastrophic machine failures. It may go into hibernation, but it will continue to work.

  • Short circuit protected outputs
  • Transient protection
  • Molded seal protections
  • Withstands electromagnetic interference

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