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GUSS Precision Agriculture

Autonomous machines give precision agriculture

Improved efficiency in farming

As the global population increases and resources become even more scarce, the need for efficient, cost-effective, and precise agricultural management is vital to meet growing food demand. Precision agriculture can help address these inefficiencies, reduce waste, and streamline production. Working closely with Scanreco’s longtime System Integrator, Hawe Hydraulik, on hydraulics and electronic controls, GUSS developed a system of controls and software that autonomously guide the vehicles row-by-row and apply water or herbicide with waste-reducing precision and accuracy. The result: 15% to 20% efficiency gain in acres covered.


Flexible, Customizable and Rugged Radio Remote Control solution

Operating fish transfer pump systems from a long distance and often in harsh conditions is no easy business and demands a system that is both reliable, accurate and operator friendly. Find out how Scanreco worked closely with Spencer Fluid Power to create solutions that boost efficiency, safety and profitability

Forestry and construction

Reliable solution for precise use in harsh environments

CBI’s 6800CT and 6400CT are highly technologically advanced and powerful horizontal grinders, with the capability to grind demolition debris, railroad ties, whole trees, pallets, storm debris, shingles, logs, mulch, slash, and stumps. CBI and Scanreco worked closely on engineering the remote control system to meet unique customer specs and requirements for system feedback and control.

The Tesla-Scanreco connection

The (surprising) connection between Tesla and Scanreco

Tesla. Today, commonly known as an electrical car brand developed by the entrepreneur and business magnate Elon Musk. But what does Tesla have to do with Scanreco? Quite a lot, in fact, and it has nothing to do with car models, but instead the renowned inventor Nikola Tesla, born in what is today Serbia, in 1856.
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Why you should use a professional radio remote control

What is radio remote control - and why you can benefit greatly from it

In this guide, we explain the concepts and benefits of using Scanreco’s technologically advanced and rugged radio control systems, and give you tips on what to consider when choosing a system that best suits your needs.
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