Testing & Verification

It is a harsh world out there

In a world of co-existance, functionality must be reliable

Within the wireless control industry (or any industry for that matter), if we didn’t have regulations to guide us for safety and performance, how would the market look like? Safety and realiability is serious business for all of us involved in the application making.

As a link in a chain of manufacturers, you need to make sure that the products you use or deliver are safe to use as they were meant for, hold high standards and work the way they were intended to. The co-existence between radio controls and equipment must function reliably all over the world, both on a smaller scale (on one machine) and on a bigger scale (construction sites or heavy industry).

Every operator, every machine owner, should be able to rely on their system in their real life environment. No failures or involuntary interruptions or disturbances.


Choosing the system that is right for you

Depending on where in the world the application is intended to be used, the radio approval and frequency matters. And depending on what type of machine is part of the application and in what environment it is supposed to work, IP grading and safety classifications are of importance too. Some transmitter types were developed to work with a certain type of radio on a certain type of machine. Always begin with asking “What do I need? What are the criteria for my type of machine and on the market(s) I intend to use it?”.  
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Testing & Verification

Listen to Fredrik, Head of the Verification & Compliance Team at Scanreco, explain why the team is called The Fail Squad and how much “a notch” is.

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