ABC Structure

Machine building responsibilities

To make it easier to find your best radio remote control solution, we have made sure that our different transmitter types and receiver types fulfill the standards in general. As a Machine Developer you are then responsible for testing the complete application towards the correct product standards for that specific machine type (as you know, there are different standards for applications of, for example, a radio remote control on a crane, remote control on construction machines or remote control on earth moving machines, a remote control system on railway applications, for a radio remote controlled crane in a maritime environment etc.).

General Structure for Machinery Standards

The ISO “type A-B-C” Structure (or General Structure for Machinery Standards) guides us further.

This structure serves as the framework for international machine safety standards, as described in ISO 22100 (ANSI/ISO 12100) .

Note that the Type C overrides Type B (and A), which means that if a machine has higher or different demands compared to the those on the Scanreco radio remote control systems, the demands of the machine are more important to follow.

The New Approach Directive

Type A standards

Basic safety give basics concepts, principles for design and general aspects.

Type B standards

Generic safety standard focus is on safety that can be implemented in a wide range of machines. Some examples include: Scanreco Radio Remote Controls, hydraulics and emergency stops.

Type C standards

machine safety standards, deal with detailed safety requirements for a particular machine or group of machines, so not all our customers have the same demands and requirements from the standards.

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