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Leading with a lifecycle perspective towards a sustainable work environment

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It is harsh out there

We only have one planet and Scanreco wants you to feel secure that we will do whatever we can to take care of it. We are guardians of the environment not only for ourselves and our coming generations, but also for our customers and all other living beings in this world. There’s also no v2 of you, so let’s start there.

Imagine yourself standing in the mud on a roadside construction site maneuvering a roaring, vibrating compactor just a few meters away from you. Imagine  a 200 meter descent  below ground every day to drill a tunnel in complete damp, cold darkness. We understand the environments that the operators work in. Sustainability to us extends beyond emissions and toxicology (although we care immensely about that too). To us, sustainability includes knowing what conditions a concrete pump operator endures day after day: scorching heat, torrential  rain and gusty winds. We are aware of the risks these workers take and the toll the work takes on their bodies in the long run. We work for them. Making their daily work life safer, more sustainable and  less tiresome  has always been and will always be a major reason that Scanreco develops best-in-class radio remote control systems.

Theres no planet B so we don’t stick to plan A

Scanreco constantly creates and revises sustainability plans and procedures concerning the whole lifecycle perspective of our products. All serious companies do. As laws and regulations are revised by authorities, we stay up to date with the latest requirements and amendments. Scanreco is regularly scrutinized by third party certification organizations and never hesitates to evaluate and reform our plan to be better stewards of the planet.

But our certifications and high product standards are not mere bravado. Scanreco strongly believes that long lasting products that require fewer field replacements are better for our planet than low-cost radio remote control system alternatives. When developing products and sourcing materials, we seek to minimize the impact on our environment while also maintaining high technical quality throughout the product lifecycle. That may mean we sell fewer replacements, but it also means we care about our world and future generations.

In areas beyond our control, e.g., transportation, we seek sustainable alternatives with less of an impact on the environment. Scanreco works in close cooperation with customers and suppliers to source components in ways that minimize carbon emissions due to transportation.

Being a global company that develops customized solutions, we realize that travel is sometimes unavoidable. However, Scanreco embraces the most advanced communications technology, utilizing virtual meetings, video technical support and electronic documentation whenever it is feasible.

Moreover, at all our physical locations, Scanreco follows local laws and requirements, as well as global regulations, concerning waste management and recycling.

Just as you are committed to a job well done at the end of a long day, Scanreco is equally as committed to working hard to reduce negative environmental impact. As an environmentally conscious innovator of professional radio remote controls, we hope that you join us in our continuing mission.

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