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Remote control systems designed according to your specific requirements

Design and configure products that fulfill the specific needs of your customers’ base

The Scanreco Flex solution is your choice when your application is unique and the market is limited. Your system solution might involve programming and system engineering. It may even involve products and services labelled scanrecofaber and that make a complete system solution.

Where are you today?

You might have a remote, but problems keep piling up and it is time to check for a new supplier. In that case, just contact one of our local offices or distributors and they will help you to set up an exchange on an existing system. Do you have CANbus and a controller? We can adapt to every one of them. Direct control is taken care of from our receivers. Are you starting from zero and are looking for a partner that can provide you with a safe, reliable and rugged radio remote control system? Read on or contact us for more information.


Product Overview

Choosing the system that is right for you

Depending on where in the world the application is intended to be used, the radio approval and frequency matters. And depending on what type of machine is part of the application and in what environment it is supposed to work, IP grading and safety classifications are of importance too. Some transmitter types were developed to work with a certain type of radio on a certain type of machine. Always begin with asking “What do I need? What are the criteria for my type of machine and on the market(s) I intend to use it?”.  
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The truly flexible:

The G6 Platform

Finally, you have the possibility to design small series of remote controls without compromising safety. The flexibility in the G6 configurator makes it possible to design a high performance remote with the operator in mind. The stage is yours…

Made for me. Made by you.

The Scanreco G6 Platform was developed with real-life operators’ everyday performance in mind. It is packed with possibilities and offers complete design flexibility to fully meet machine owners’ developers’, and operators’ requests regarding design, ergonomics, performance, functionality, and safety (SIL3, PLe & SISP™). At the very core is your understanding for the operators’ daily work.

What do you want to remote?

Get familiarized with our solutions and products here on the website. Then don’t hesitate to contact us to learn how you can use them to your advantage. They can be applied to virtually any industry or application. If you don’t find your application type here, you are most welcome to reach out to us and challenge us!

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