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Remote control systems designed according to your specific requirements

Design and configure products that fulfill the specific needs of your customers base

The Scanreco Flex solution is your choice when your application is unique and the market is limited. As a small or midsized OEM you still have the obligation to develop and produce high end products. The radio remote you put in the hands of the operator must be just as functional as the remotes large manufacturers provide.

Where are you today?

You might have a remote, but problems keep piling up and it is time to check for a new supplier. In that case, just contact one of our local offices or distributors and they will help you to set up an exchange on an existing system. Do you have Canbus and a controller? We can adapt to every one of them. Direct control is taken care of from our receivers.

Are you starting from zero and are looking for a partner that can provide you with a safe, reliable and rugged radio remote control system? Read on or contact us for more information.

Checking a remote after a free fall on asphalt

Scanreco Design Center

Think like a mechatronics engineer

The system

A system might be more than just a transmitter and a receiver. It can be about two transmitters and one receiver, so the operator can hand over the operation to somebody who is in another spot (often called “catch-release”). It can also be the opposite: one transmitter and several receivers, with a switch so that you can change to another function or machine.


The transmitter

Most remotes live and act in harsh environments. And even though they are the operator’s best friend, they get dirty, wet, cold or hot. Yet they must perform every work hour and outlast human capacity.




Operator using Scanreco Remote

Consider ease of use

The main choice here is to start off with so called Belly packs or Handheld units. Look at our product listings and see where it lands closest to your needs. When it comes to the design of levers, knobs etc., it is important to think about the operator, the more controls the harder it is to learn.

Design is far from just a surface or color; it is about functionality and user friendliness. Make sure you understand the operator’s environment. The switches, buttons and actuators are available to create the best control.

Symbol Library


An existing remote can be programmed and labeled to your specifications. We deliver ready to install which makes it easier for you (onestopshop).

Scanreco color display showing concrete truck


The software is open for programming by you, or by a chosen partner. The black and white screen can be configurated with Scanreco Graphic Configurator (great imagination when naming). The color screen is also fully programmable but requires knowledge in Qt.

The color screen is useful in applications where the operator needs data that cannot be seen in real life. Graphics makes sure he/she understands what’s going on under the hood. A final note, there is some programming that is hard core and cannot be configurated, it has to do with safety in the communication between the units.


The Receiver

If the transmitter lives a hard life, the receiver is totally unnoticed. Yet the receiver is mounted in the worst of places: on rigs that drill in rocks, on compactors, on vessel cranes showered with ocean water… wherever you need it to be. Direct control or a CANbus solution is your option.

What do you want to remote?

Get familiarized with our solutions and products here on the website. Then don’t hesitate to contact us to learn how you can use them to your advantage. They can be applied to virtually any industry or application. If you don’t find your application type here, you are most welcome to reach out to us and challenge us!

  • Become more efficient and make operations smarter
  • Stand to the side for better view and safer operations
  • Stand out in the crowd with the best solution for you

Customer Case Study

Flexible, Customizable and Rugged Radio Remote Control solution

Operating fish transfer pump systems from a long distance and often in harsh conditions is no easy business and demands a system that is both reliable, accurate and operator friendly. Find out how Scanreco worked closely with Spencer Fluid Power to create solutions that boost efficiency, safety and profitability

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