Flex | Configuration: Configure to perfection

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Is this your dream?

In the best of worlds, you unpack the remote and the receiver, connect the receiver to your machine, and off you go! It is possible, but we need to collaborate to get there. Depending on what you need, Configuration is about placing of controls, programming functions and design the symbols on the remote.

You know what you want, but...

This is what you can get from Configuration:

Configured remote and receiver according to your specifications

Depending what platform, you choose it gives you different options, from just assigning controls to function or designing the entire control.


Labeled with symbols

Your symbols or our library is used to design the information on the remote.

Symbol Library

Programming your screen

The color screen is becoming more important to guide the operator and shorten the learning process (by showing what they cannot see).

Color display for Elliott

Cables from receiver into your system

The receiver needs to be connected and we can help you with the right connections.

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