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System Solutions is a service where you choose what parts you need. Here you can start with a sketch on a napkin and take it all the way to a complete delivery of a hardware and software solution that controls your machine.

As easy as 1, 2, 3!

Your delivery is on its way to you
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Your delivery is on its way to you

Everything is programmed, adapted and ready to use, you only need to do some trimming.

Where and when it is done depends on where you are, we have system integrators in many countries around the world.

This is what you can get from Scanreco System Solutions:

  • Adaptation knowledge
    We know how to integrate a remote control to your machine.
  • System Integrators network worldwide
    You resource of knowledge.
  • Empathic solutions
    Have you seen this before? If not, it means that your solution is also dependent on the degree of knowledge on your side. There are applications that need to be simplified because they will be used in areas where the knowledge in High-tech is simply not there. Keeping it simple is also beautiful.
  • Knowledge of the parts
    If you have searched for a part that solves your problem, you know it is a search for a needle in a haystack. For us the parts we manufacture are just a fraction of what is needed by your system. The rest we must find for you.
  • Our own parts
    You might ask why we make our own technical parts, and the answer is simple. What we make inhouse we know exactly how it works and for us to adapt a part to your needs is easy.

Find out what remote control solution possibilities you have with Scanreco

Choosing the system that is right for you

Depending on where in the world the application is intended to be used, the radio approval and frequency matters. And depending on what type of machine is part of the application and in what environment it is supposed to work, IP grading and safety classifications are of importance too. Some transmitter types were developed to work with a certain type of radio on a certain type of machine. Always begin with asking “What do I need? What are the criteria for my type of machine and on the market(s) I intend to use it?”.  
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