Declaration of Conformity


The tests to become compliant are rigoulsy performed over a long period of time and according to specific test protocols, both in Scanreco’s own advanced laboratories and by accredited, independent third party test institutes (Notified Body).

When all tests, and then some, are passed, the product receives the CE mark (FCC, ICC, UKCA), which means that it is a safe product to use in accordance with what it was tested and approved for (this is an important thing to remember as one CE marked product combined with another CE marked product may not result in a final approval as a safe, CE marked, product).

To understand what the products were tested for, Scanreco has a Declaration of Conformity (DoC) for each product. The DoC states all the information about what regulations, directives and standards the product fulfills and complies to. Ask your Scanreco point of contact for the Declaraiton of Conformity (DoC) of the transmitter and receiver types. They apply to many different industries that have different standards among them and are a good starting point.


Declaration of Conformity

Get in touch with your Scanreco contact or put in the code found in your User Manual to get access to Scanreco product DoC’s.

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