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Premium Display

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    Prepared for the needs you have,

    and the ones you might have in the future

    • WiFi
    • 8 GB Storage
    • Accelerometer
    • Gyroscope
    • Real-time clock
    • USB – makes software upgrades in the field smooth and easy
    • Magnetometer for compass readiness
    • Video display capability
    • WLAN video camera

    Enables feedback and helps enhance operator performance

    Scanreco Premium Display

    With 16 million colors (24 bits), the Scanreco 4.3” Color Display gives excellent visibility in bright sun as well as in the dark. Compatible with Mini G2/G3, Maxi G2/G3, and Mini G6, it can be programmed through the Linux and Qt powered Scanreco Software to show streamed video, live photage, and designed graphs with an impressive color depth.

    Equipped with standard features such as WiFi, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Real-time clock, and being prepared for a WLAN video camera, only imagination and compliance set the boundaries.

    When launched in 2016, it set a new industry standard for remote control displays, now we have improved it further!

    Excellent color representation

    The new Premium display has an enhanced display element for improved color representation, and crisper, clearer colors

    • Good display readability in outdoors and bright environments.
    • Low power consumption regardless of surrounding lights.
    • High image quality.
    • Less performance variation between indoor and outdoor conditions.
    • Excels in strong sunlight, where other displays struggle.
    • Shock proof anti-reflection glass.

    Programming & implementation

    The Scanreco Premium Display is designed to assist the operator in their daily activities. It can show streamed video, live photage, or designed graphs of machine performance – all with an impressive color depth.

    Our experts know how to adapt the software to your specific needs, get in touch!

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