Scanreco color display showing concrete truck

Million color 4.3″ display

There's just no screen like it

Optional for the Mini and Maxi transmitters. The Scanreco 4.3″ high-performance display with 16 million colors (24 bits) gives excellent visibility. In all kinds of outdoor and indoor environments. Regardless of if you work during a pitch-dark winter night in the northern Sweden or on a sunny day in Singapore, it surprises with clear contrast.

It’s like watching a moving book. The visibility in sunlight is superior to any screen available on the market and even to modern mobile phones. On the sides, there are 4+4 programmable push-buttons and the five LEDs shine in green, yellow or red.

Prepared for the needs you have and the ones you might have in the future:

  • WiFi
  • 4 GB Storage
  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • Real-time clock
  • USB – makes software upgrades in the field smooth and easy
  • Compass
  • Video display capability – excellent solution for operator manuals and instructions
  • WLAN video camera

The programming capabilities for the Scanreco color display are endless. Only imagination and compliance sets the boundaries and limitations. The Operating System, Scanreco Chameleon, is open to customers. It is based on Linux and Qt, and is specifically optimized for the Scanreco hardware. Language bindings are in C++ or JavaScript and the Qt application has full world awareness of what is happening within the total system (software/hardware).

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