Compact and packed with functionality

Mini is the tough one’s (Maxi’s) little brother and does everything that Maxi does, but comes in a smaller format. Rain, debris, cold weather or scorching sun do not matter to this one!

The ergonomic Scanreco Mini transmitter is our smaller and lighter version of the Maxi belly pack. And yet it is just as configuratively versatile and easy to use.

The maximum speed of proportional movements can be adjusted using a “turtle/rabbit” toggle switch in five steps. The Mini transmitter has some built in standard settings whereas other features are optional. Add the number of linear levers or joysticks, buttons and switches that best suit your application requirements. On the Mini belly pack there’s room for 1-6 linear levers or 1-3 joysticks and several push-buttons and switches.

To get feedback from your actions and the machine you maneuver, there are several options for you. LEDs are standard and you can also chose either a monochrome or a million colors display. Automatic frequency management allows for continuous operation without any interruptions caused by radio interference from other wireless equipment.

To ensure you that your transmitter only communicates with its correspondent receiver we developed the Scanreco protocol. Combined with the identity code that is unique for each Scanreco system, no other remote can unintentionally activate the machine.

Stop function conforms to performance level “d” (PL d) as specified in EN ISO 13849-1, a legally binding standard for safety-critical components of control systems.

Combined with a Rocket Flex on the same application, this transmitter gives you all the possibilities to perform both quick and long-haul tasks during the day. Use them to share the load with a fellow operator using the feature often called “Catch&Release”.

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