Rocket Flex Transmitter Radio Remote Control

Rocket Flex

Flexibility tailored to all your needs

Rocket Flex is the true multi-tasker for, e.g., suction trucks, concrete sprayers, and lifts. But also for applications such as gigantic grinders and crushers, for range extensions and much more. Combined with Mini or Maxi, it becomes even more useful in all situations and weather conditions.

Handheld and versatile, the Scanreco Rocket Flex gives you a multitude of digital control functions and operator feedback. All in a small, ergonomic, easy to use and powerful format. Use it non-stop for up to 120 hours, then charge it and it is ready to go again.

Combined with a Mini or Maxi on the same application and with the G2 2.4GHz receiver, it gives you all the possibilities to perform both quick and long-haul tasks during the day. Use them to share the load with a fellow operator using the feature often called “Catch&Release”.

The transmitter has 14 one-step or two-step push-buttons, that all function according to your requirements: momentary, latching or interlocking. A shift feature duplicates the functionality of each button. All buttons can be assigned to any receiver output or several outputs at once. As no system is alike any other, we customize the front cover with button instructions and information, if you like. You can even have your logo and colors on it. An optional graphic display and five standard programmable LEDs give you feedback on your actions and from the receiver.

Automatic frequency management allows for continuous work without any interruptions caused by radio interference from other wireless equipment on site. In cases where an extended operating range is required, an extra Pocket can act as a repeater for the radio link.

The Scanreco protocol and unique identity code ensures that your Pocket transmitter only communicates with its correspondent receiver. The transmitter can be configured to either only send data when a button is activated. We can also program it to use dedicated start/stop buttons that establish a permanent radio link with the receiver unit for a higher degree of safety.

The stop function conforms to performance level “d” (PL d) as specified in EN ISO 13849-1, a legally binding standard for safety-critical components of control systems.

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