G5 receiver M19

G5-M19 Receiver

The G5-M19 has 19 MOSFET outputs, 14 of these can be configured as digital inputs. Each output can handle the maximum output of 3A and the total load of the system is limited to 10A. The connections of the receiver unit are protected against short circuits and transients. Connections are made via two 12-pin Deutsch connectors. Protection category: IP67

G5 – the choice for digital applications

The Scanreco G5 system is based on advanced microprocessor technology that copes with even the roughest of environments. These receivers are a perfect choice for hydraulically driven mobile machinery. As they run on 2.4GHz frequency, they are also a good choice for global manufacturers.

Each Scanreco system has a unique identity code where the receiver only talks with its paired transmitter(s). No other transmitter or product can ever activate the receiver unintentionally. The system is highly resistant against electromagnetic and radio frequency radiation. All G5 receivers have automatic frequency hopping technology and are therefore resistant to interference from other equipment on site.

Never-Stop Technology™ from Scanreco

One important key to a successful work day is equipment that you can trust through sunshine and rain. Our range of high quality and secure radio receivers (or control units as they are sometimes called) is one important key to a successful work day. All Scanreco receivers are well known for their durability. They just keep working, even in extreme conditions and they withstand both shock, vibration, and electromagnetic interference. We know that downtime due to water, dust or dirt breaking into the control unit can be devastating. Therefore every Scanreco receiver is potted with epoxy and carefully sealed before leaving our production sites. It is one of the not-so-secret secrets what we call Never-Stop Technology™ from Scanreco.

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