G3 Receiver

Designed for CAN communication

The Scanreco G3 receiver is a truly versatile receiver with features that add to the performance and functionality of any kind of mobile hydraulic application. Potted with epoxy, carefully sealed and with a minimum of access points to the circuit board, the G3 works in all weather conditions and harsh environments, it has earned its IP67 protection category with pride.

The G3 is a streamlined receiver for all applications that only require a CAN interface. This is a perfect solution if a master controller is already present on the machine. Its small size makes the G3 Receiver very convenient as you can place it directly on the machine where the antenna would normally be.

The receiver comes with the CANopen protocol. In addition to the CAN interface, the receiver has hardwired signals for the stop function.

This reciever has a two-digit LED display that gives detailed information regarding both operational status and possible error codes. The error log records both internal system faults and external fieldbus faults. In the unlikely event of error or loss of the radio link from the transmitter, all outputs will immediately be shut down.

Each Scanreco system has a unique identity code where the receiver only talks with its paired transmitter(s). No other transmitter or product can ever activate the receiver unintentionally.

Never-Stop Technology™ from Scanreco

One important key to the success of our radio remote control systems is the receiver. Scanreco receivers are well known for their durability as they keep working even in extreme conditions such as shock, vibration, and electromagnetic interference. Every Scanreco receiver is potted with epoxy to protect it against dust, dirt and water in all forms. It is one of the not-so-secret secrets what we call Never-Stop Technology™ from Scanreco.

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