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Remote control systems designed for the specific needs of your customers

Some machines are used to paint road markings, others are used to drive piles into the ground for house construction. Every machine is different, and customization is always a requirement.

At Scanreco Design Center, we are experts on providing solutions in small to medium size volumes. In close collaboration with the clients, SDC develops efficient solutions to unique and highly demanding requests through predefined customizations of standard products. We can adapt our systems to all kinds of machines and we have an advanced in-house printer for printing customized decals

Design, assembly, and delivery of your unique system will take place within a few weeks from order.

  • Labeling – Clear labeling of functions in color makes it safer and easier to operate the machine.
  • Logotype – we can also put your company logos and branding on the transmitter
  • Feedback – Select between 5 different LED/LCD displays and our advanced new color screen (that is simply brilliant in daylight and can withstand the elements). The displays enable operator feedback from the controlled machine.
  • Actuators – Linear levers or multi-axis joysticks, the choice is yours.
  • Switches and buttons – We offer a wide selection of spring return or detent switches as well as pushbuttons and rotary switches.
  • Software features – We help you select and implement software features that improve the performance and functionality of your machine.

What is radio remote control - and why you can benefit greatly from it

In this guide, we explain the concepts and benefits of using Scanreco’s technologically advanced and rugged radio control systems, and give you tips on what to consider when choosing a system that best suits your needs.
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Rocket Flex & G5-M19A

Flexible, Customizable and Rugged Radio Remote Control solution

Operating fish transfer pump systems from a long distance and often in harsh conditions is no easy business and demands a system that is both reliable, accurate and operator friendly. Find out how Scanreco worked closely with Spencer Fluid Power to create solutions that boost efficiency, safety and profitability

Rocket Flex & G3 CAN

Reliable solution for precise use in harsh environments

CBI’s 6800CT and 6400CT are highly technologically advanced and powerful horizontal grinders, with the capability to grind demolition debris, railroad ties, whole trees, pallets, storm debris, shingles, logs, mulch, slash, and stumps. CBI and Scanreco worked closely on engineering the remote control system to meet unique customer specs and requirements for system feedback and control.

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