Scanreco further strengthens presence in Benelux


Scanreco partners with new Dutch firm JG Controls in a step to further improve service and availability of Scanreco’s systems to crane and machinery manufacturers in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Jasper Gast JG Controls

JG Controls, founded by Mr. Jasper Gast, is the new Scanreco partner in the Benelux area. Mr. Gast, a former sales engineer of AMCA Hydraulic Fluid Power B.V., has vast experience from both Scanreco’s radio remote control systems and hydraulic solutions. He has worked with Scanreco products for over fifteen years and has deep knowledge of our different product series. JG Controls offers both standardized and customized Scanreco solutions in the Netherlands and Belgium.

“The closing of AMCA in the Netherlands gave me the opportunity to reconsider my options and possibilities. I want to continue providing Dutch and Belgian Scanreco customers with the service they require and deserve, and I am very motivated to do so in an even closer collaboration with Scanreco.” says Mr. Gast. “In the past I have contributed to Scanreco applications such as e.g. (extremely compact) drilling machines, CPT rigs, offshore winch applications and dredging barges.”

“We are very happy to partner with JG Controls”, says Magnus Lundgren, VP Sales&Marketing at Scanreco. “Mr. Gast has long and valuable experience of Scanreco systems, and he also understands the hydraulic parts that customers sometimes struggle with. He is known amongst customers and the industry to hold a high and qualitative service level to all customers.”

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Scanreco Denmark at Automatik 2020


The best way of networking is face-to-face and Scanreco Denmark looks forward to finally be meeting in person again.

Automatik 2020 is adapted in a special COVID19 version, and offers more space, better hygiene and focus on the number of visitors at any time of the day.

Stand B1234

Italian lift manufacturer chooses Scanreco


Amidst the corona-crisis putting a damp on most businesses worldwide, Scanreco goes against the stream and further strengthen its partnership with an Italian leading spider lift manufacturer, Platform Basket.

Although the application format is not new to us, we are proud to contribute to an upgrade of Platform Basket’s 13.80 spider lift by adding our G3 radio and Mini Transmitter with LCD display and customized switch-plates to it.”, Nicholas Torelli, of Scanreco South Europe says.

The remote control is situated in the basket of the lift, that is called 13.80 Pro, in a specially designed cradle. In the case of any controller battery issues it can be plugged into a spare connector below the cradle, to create a tethered controller. The new 13.80 Pro is equipped with Scanreco’s remote control system for all functions such as driving and outrigger set up. It also has a lower control panel with clearer, wider display and a more comprehensive diagnostics suite. From the remote control unit it is also possible to raise and lower the boom to go on trailer ramps.

The collaboration between Platform Basket and Scanreco South Europe is actually a long-term partnership that was established many years ago.

“We have a renewed and even stronger partnership between Scanreco and Platform Basket today” says Nicholas Torelli. “We are happy that Platform Basket took the decision to entrust us the development of the control system of their brand new tracked aerial platform (the 13.80 PRO)”.

More about Platform Basket’s 13.80 Pro
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Scanreco hires to strengthen presence in France.


Following the demand for Scanreco systems on the French market, Scanreco hires Mr. Meddy Chaigneau to support the existing organization in France.

Mr. Chaigneau, newly appointed Senior Sales & Application Engineer for Scanreco France, has a long experience from the radio remote control business. He worked for HDS Power Solutions in France for 7 years and 2 years for Roquet Hydraulics (Area Manager for France, UK and North America). He has vast knowledge of radio remote control systems and mobile applications. He understands customer’s needs and specifications in parallel to important safety measures.

Meddy Chaigneau, holds an Electrotechnical Engineer degree and a Commercial and Marketing Manager license. He has a background in both the technical and commercial aspects of the RRC business and has worked on many different electronic and hydraulic projects in the past, including OEM markets throughout Europe and North America.

In November last year, Scanreco also recruited Mr. Antonio Polo as General Manager to the French/Spanish branch of Scanreco AB.

Scanreco appoints new President and CEO 


Scanreco founders and owners Björn Askestig (left) and Kaj Johansson (right) together with appointed President and CEO Peter Lageson.

The owners and board of Scanreco are happy to announce that as of April 1, Peter Lageson, currently member of the board of Scanreco, becomes President and CEO of the Scanreco Group. Peter has extensive experience from several leadership positions within the high-tech industry and in fast growing mid-size corporations. He will lead the continued growth and internationalisation of Scanreco. Co-founder, board member and current CEO, Kaj Johansson, will remain in the company and will assume the role of Vice President, Product Management as well as deputy chairman of the board. 

Scanreco has grown successfully over several years and we are since long established as the leading provider of professional remote control solutions for the most demanding industries, where safety and reliability are absolutely crucial. The owners and the board are committed to continue the positive development of the company by supporting the success of our customers and pursuing new geographies and segments. 

Börje Forsberg, Chairman of the Board of Scanreco: 
“We are happy and proud that Peter Lageson has accepted to become President and CEO of the Scanreco group. Peter has been a member of the board of Scanreco since 2014 and possesses the qualities that we consider are needed to successfully take Scanreco to yet another level. He has a solid industry experience from working with advanced industrial OEMs, controllers, and display platforms, as well as experience from software and sensor companies. He has a truly visionary approach, a drive to implement change and a strong focus on growth.” 

Peter Lageson, appointed President and CEO of Scanreco AB:
“I’m delighted and honoured to be appointed President and CEO of the Scanreco group and to work closely together with the founders and owners Kaj and Björn as well as the big Scanreco team. Given its unique technology, customer focus and leadership position, Scanreco has the ability to continue to grow and to provide next generation remote control solutions for highly demanding industries. Connectivity, machine learning and outstanding human machine interaction are natural themes for Scanreco in developing our solutions further. I know the Scanreco people from several years as a board member, and I am really looking forward to work closer together with the team and to take Scanreco forward. But first we must take Scanreco through the situation we are facing relating to Covid-19.”    

Peter Lageson has a background as CEO of several fast-growing mid-size high-tech companies including CrossControl, Nilar and Senseair. Peter holds an MSc in industrial- and management engineering as well as a licentiate of philosophy in industrial marketing. 

Founders and owners Kaj Johansson and Björn Askestig both remain in the company. Kaj as Vice President Product Management and Björn as Vice President Business Development. 


Reduced manning and longer response time due to Covid-19


Scanreco cuts back on employees’ work time as an effect of the coronavirus pandemic. Starting Monday March 23, work hours are reduced for all employees at Scanreco’s location in Sweden.  

No disruptions  

Main focus is to keep production running without disruption in order to meet our customer demands, making sure that our customers receive their orders as planned.   

Order-desk are running normal working hours Monday through Friday. However, response time may be a little longer than usual. Customer support for service and repairs will have reduced opening hours. 

Temporary measures  

Swedish government recently passed a bill that makes it possible for organizations to temporarily cut back on work time in order to maintain work force while adapting to the difficult situation the world is facing at the moment. These are temporary measures and we will resume business as usual as soon as possible.  

Your Scanreco point of contact can give you more information if needed.