Handheld transmitter with 10 proportional buttons and customized overlay

Handy 10

Proportional control at the push of a button

Handy (also called Handy 10) is surely a BFF for multitaskers that enjoy full control of up to four simultaneous actions. Extra useful at times when you want to precisely control motion speed on your application. Runs for up to 20 hours on a set of AA standard batteries.

The handheld transmitter Scanreco Handy is robust and has proportional push-buttons. These buttons enable a higher degree of precision and performance compared to traditional one-step or two-step buttons. The speed of the controlled motion corresponds directly with the pressure on the button.

Up to four proportional functions, in dual directions, can be controlled at the same time. A second operational mode gives the opportunity to control even more proportional and digital functions. Authorized users can re-calibrate the speed settings on site without any external tools or software. On or near each button, there’s room for function instruction labeling with text, numbers or symbols.

The internal rechargeable AA standard batteries provide up to 20 hours of operation. Recharge the batteries again by connecting the charging cable to the transmitter. It takes approximately two hours to recharge. You may also use standard AA batteries, in case there is no time to interrupt work for charging.

Automatic frequency management lets you work without interruptions that can otherwise come from e.g. radio interference from other wireless equipment around you.

Each Scanreco system has a unique identity code. Your transmitter only works with the receiver that it is programmed to function with. This guarantees that no other remote can unintentionally activate the machine.

Stop function conforms to performance level “d” (PL d) as specified in EN ISO 13849-1, a legally binding standard for safety-critical components of control systems.

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