G6 CAN Receiver

It's showtime. Perform your best!

The G6 CAN Receiver pairs perfectly with any G6 transmitter and literally puts the machine performance into the hands of the operator.

G6 CAN Receiver features:
• Single and Multi Band
• Automatic Frequency Hopping
• CAN open and Safety CAN
• Status LED
• Withstands vibrations
• Protected against dirt and water
• Uniquely paired with its system’s transmitter(s)
• IP67
• SIL3
• PLe

It takes two to tango!

Streamlined for all applications that require a CAN interface and the right solution when there’s a master controller on the machine, it includes the innovative and third party approved Scanreco Integrated Safety Platform (SISP™) and is PL e & SIL 3 safety classed.Despite rain or sun, wind, and snow – the show will go on!

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