4.3” Color Display sets a new standard

Scanreco remotes gets the job done – even in the toughest conditions.

Scanreco is the leading OEM supplier of professional radio remote control systems to international crane and machinery manufacturers. We have been developing and supplying reliable radio remote control systems to all parts of the world since the 1980s.

The trick is performing at your best under tough conditions. Scanreco’s Never-Stop Technology™ makes this possible. That is why global leaders of international crane and machinery manufacturers over the past 30 years have chosen Scanreco as their OEM supplier of professional radio remote control systems.

From the very beginning, we realized that high concentrations of micro-particles and water in all forms were critical issues to tackle, consequently, we have from day one potted our circuit boards with a protective seal. This protects the heart of the system in a unique way so that you can rely on our professional radio remote control system, day and night, regardless of the conditions. That is one example of what we call Never-Stop Technology™ from Scanreco.

Maxi Transmitter

The Maxi is our most competent and versatile transmitter with room for many control elements as well as function labeling. The ergonomic housing comes in two basic versions either with linear levers or joysticks.


Pocket Transmitter

The Scanreco Pocket has an ergonomic design that fits perfect in the palm of your hand and all buttons are easily operated without shifting your grip. The transmitter is available with 3, 4, 6 or 8 one-step pushbuttons.